The Many Ways the Right Wing is Demonstrating Their Fear of a Disgraced Donald Trump


I would say to the hypocrites on the right wing of American politics that “thou dost protest too much.” I am not involved in the investigations of Donald Trump and his circle of sinners’ related to Russia, obstruction of justice, or money laundering, yet every comment made from the right forces me to ask more questions.

To label Donald Trump ‘strange’ is insufficient. His weak temperament, ego, constant lying, and lack of compassion and understanding explains why he has no friends; only business associates and political cronies. As the investigation escalated, he gathered his cabinet for a single purpose; he encouraged each of them to heap praises upon their fuhrer. His incessant tweets, refusal to face his peers, and many other actions and statements force questions about his mental acuity.

A single damning action began a much wider investigation; the firing of the Director of the FBI, James Comey. Then to admit to Lester Holt that it was because of the investigation resulted in additional inspection of other possible areas where crimes might have been committed.

An extreme right wing group calling themselves ‘Judicial Watch’ made a demand to the FBI that it obtain all of James Comey’s records and turn them over to their members. Good Luck. I believe Robert Mueller will have other things to say about that.

Why anyone allows him to speak baffles me, but former House Speaker, criminal, and serial philanderer Newt Gingrich is making a false claim that ‘the president cannot commit obstruction of justice.’ Really.

Jeff Sessions, Trump’s inept Attorney General, made an absolute fool of himself; nearly pounding on the desk; when he made what appeared to be passionate statement defending his character. When the questions began, and he did not want to answer, Sessions stated over and over again that he ‘didn’t recall.’

Trump’s personal attorney, Mark Kasowitz announced to the press that ‘Trump was not under investigation, personally. Mueller subsequently announced that indeed the illegitimate president was under investigation for obstruction of justice.

Assistant Press Secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders stood before the White House Press Corps and said “the president doesn’t lie.” Really. This was immediately after he tweeted several falsehoods.

Illegitimate Vice-President Mike Pence has hired a private attorney, and held a fund raiser to create a super PAC to pay for it.

The greatest proof of the right wing’s fear that their house of cards will soon tumble down is that they are refusing to criticize Trump for what they claimed were the identical actions of President Obama; specifically healthcare; or ‘Trumpcare.’

Ryan, McConnell, and others complained in 2010 that they ‘did not know what was contained in Obamacare. Today the Republican Senate, under McConnell’s orders, is meeting behind closed doors to rewrite the House version which Trump himself now calls “mean.”

They complained that it was bill that was ‘rushed into vote.’ The House wrote, rewrote, and passed by one vote in just two months, what is described as the ‘worst piece of legislation to come out of committee in modern history.’ Now Mitch “the traitor” McConnell is attempting to force a vote in the Senate before July 4th. Obamacare required 11 months of deliberation and alteration before its first vote in the House.

If President Obama had committed only one of the reprehensible actions of Donald Trump, Republicans would be demanding his impeachment today; calling him “irresponsible, traitorous, unconstitutional, potentially even unhinged.”

A note to lyin Paul Ryan and Mitch “the traitor” McConnell; you can’t have it both ways. Your previous remarks are on record and in in the archives of the news services. You are liars, hypocrites, and fail to serve the American people.

Please re-post; thank you.

Op-ed by James Turnage

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Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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