Mental Illness and your Illegitimate President: Frightening

Trump (4)

No one needs to learn more about Donald Trump than by reading his ridiculous tweets. They are a classic tale of a man whose temperament is weak, and poses a danger to himself and others. His ego is larger than his intellect. White House aides have revealed additional proof that Trump must undergo a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation.

We have been informed that Trump spends much of his day, when he’s not golfing, sitting on a couch in the White House watching cable television. When stories involving the investigation into Trump’s relationship with Russia, and possible collusion with Vladimir Putin are on the screen, aides claim that he yells at the television.

We know that Trump counterattacks anyone who dares to challenge his credibility and therefore his decisions. He fired James Comey; he has attacked federal judges; Trump constantly calls legitimate news services ‘fake,’ while continuing to watch FOX Noise, Alex Jones’ “InfoWars” podcasts, and reading Breitbart.

If we had competent and factual television ‘news’ broadcasts, they would be discussing Trump’s mental instability. He is obviously unfit to be our nation’s president, and has tragically been given the launch codes to our nuclear weapons. This is the most important issue of today.

The Impeachment process is long and destabilizing for our nation. A few simple psychiatric tests would remove him almost immediately and our national nightmare would end.

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Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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