Unbeatable Democratic Ticket in 2020: Kirsten Gillibrand and Kamala Harris

gillibrand1Kamala Harris

I continue to believe that America needs a woman president. For almost 241 years men have held “pissing contests” to decide our nation’s future. That future is pockmarked with wars, and a lack of concern for the working class. I believe that I have a perfect pair to defeat President Pence in 2020.

A woman would have to be very tough to run against the good old boy’s club in Washington. Attack ads would flourish and they would be far worse than Trump’s “she doesn’t look presidential.” Two of my favorite women in Washington are both in the Senate. They come from opposite coasts. They have proven themselves to be extremely intelligent and willing to fight for their principles.

Kirsten Gillibrand has been the junior Senator from New York since 2009. She will be 53 years of age in 2000. Her fight for women in the military has been tireless, although she has received great resistance from the military brass and her own male Senators. Sexual assault continues to be a problem, and the manner in which it is addressed today is inadequate.

As her running mate, I nominate Kamala Harris. Her direct and intelligent questions during the Senate hearings have impressed many politicos. She is the junior Senator from California; taking office in January of this year. She will be 55 in November of 2020. Ms. Harris is a well-respected prosecutor who has already proven that she possesses the integrity, intelligence, and the courage to represent all of the American people.

I know that you’re thinking “what about Elizabeth Warren?”

First of all, I believe that Senator Warren deserves the gratitude and respect of all Americans. She will never stop fighting for the working class.

However, Senator Warren will be 70 years of age in 2020. I don’t believe that she will seek the presidency, especially if Democrats regain the House in 2018, and the polls display the probability that they will retake the Senate by 2020. I believe it when she says that she can be more effective working with Bernie Sanders and other true progressives on Capitol hill.

I can hear it now from members of my own sex: “A ticket with two women cannot win the presidency.” They are very wrong. I respect Senator Tim Kaine, but if Senator Warren had been Hillary’s running mate they would have won in 2016, regardless of the efforts and collusion between Trump and Putin.

Campaigning for 2020 will begin by mid-2018, if the 2016 election is any indicator. It’s not too soon to dream.

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Op-ed by James Turnage

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