Trumpcare Could End Republican Majority in both Houses

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When Obamacare was nearing a vote in 2010, Mitch McConnell complained. He stated that Republicans had not received the full bill, and it had been hastily assembled. Lyin Paul Ryan echoed similar comments.

The facts. The bill and its revisions were available at all times to Republicans. Most notably, it took 11 months to complete.

Trumpcare, which is most likely the worst piece of legislation ever assembled, was rushed to a vote in the House in just two months; winning by a single vote. Trumpcare is now in the Senate, undergoing revisions. McConnell is attempting to rush it to a vote before July 4th, although not a single Democrat has been allowed to see any of its content. Trump, McConnell, and lyin Ryan have removed any pretense that they desire to govern in a bipartisan manner.

Make pledge to yourself, your family, your friends, and the American people; any Congressman or Senator who votes for Trumpcare must be voted out of office in 2018, 2020, and 2022. Any man or woman who was elected to represent the American people, who favor Obamacare, and now vote to support Donald Trump’s fascist administration must not be allowed to receive your tax dollars and live their lives of luxury and privilege.

At least 23 million Americans would lose their coverage under Trumpcare. 131 million Americans have preexisting conditions and will either be unable to afford the rates under Trumpcare, or simply be forbidden healthcare. Older Americans will experience a 500 percent increase in premiums.

Who will benefit? The one-percent of wealthiest Americans in the form of tax breaks subtly included in the legislation. And don’t expect a ‘thank-you note’ from Donny boy.

Every medical organization is opposed to Trumpcare. 53 percent of Americans favor Obamacare; only 27 percent approve of Trumpcare. But Republicans aren’t listening; they don’t care about the majority; they serve special interests.

It’s your choice, my fellow Americans. You can support the lives of the one-percent or vote for yourself and your loved ones. Your future depends on your vote.

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Op-ed by James Turnage


Images courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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