Georgia High School Students Groped By Law Enforcement


During Trump’s campaign, the “Access Hollywood” tapes reveal his complete lack of morals and the fact the he considers women as ‘sexual objects.’ The television media offered little criticism that the man who sought the presidency was in fact a sexual predator. Women who continued to support Trump after the revelation of his debauched attitude about women became a disgrace to their gender. The “Trump Effect” remains a stain on the morals of American civility today.

On April 14th of this year, 40 police offers invaded Georgia’s Worth County High School without advance notice to the administration or civil rights agencies. Without a warrant, they performed a “drug sweep.” The event lasted for four hours. During that time the law enforcement men and women “cupped boys’ genitals, touched girls’ vaginas, reached inside bras, touched girls’ bare breasts, patted their buttocks and placed their hands inside students’ underwear.” No drugs were found. 900 students were searched without a warrant or permission from parents or the school board. The sheriff refused to comment.

A human rights group has filed a lawsuit against the Sheriff and his department.

This is Trump’s America. The first amendment is under constant attack and law enforcement has been given new rules which allow them to ignore human rights, the Constitution, and human dignity.

If you believe that Trump’s America is acceptable to you, make plans to move to Putin’s Russia. Trump denies American values, and fully supports those who agree with him.

Finally, I ask a serious and logical question. Why would any man or woman who believes in the America of our founding fathers choose to live in the south, Texas, Indiana, Arizona, or Oklahoma? These states support white supremacy, bigotry, Islamophobia, and sexism. They are not members of the United States of America.

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Op-ed by James Turnage


Photo courtesy of Dave Conner

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