More of the ‘Trump Effect:’ Crude and Violent Republicans Offer Homage to Donald Trump


Above all being American is respecting the opinions of each other. However, when one side of an argument lacks factual information, and supports or rejects opinions based on unrelated interests or opinions which oppose the Constitution, that argument is unfounded and must be opposed. This is the situation regarding legal abortions.

This should never have become an issue. The only reason abortion became one of America’s most divisive issues is because one party allowed a single religion to interfere in our politics in violation of the first amendment. The villain here is undoubtedly the Republican Party for allowing this unconstitutional situation to receive notoriety. Their support of the Christian religious right has a single purpose; to receive votes in an election. I find it hard to believe that Republicans are Christians when what I hear from them opposes the very teachings of Jesus Christ.

Trump’s illegitimate election has created the “Trump Effect.” Hate crimes have increased to levels not experienced prior to the Civil Rights Act. Anger, hatred, and violence have replaced understanding, compassion, and kindness. Crude and despicable actions have become acceptable in support of an immoral and mentally incompetent man who is defiling the White House.

Mike Moon is a Republican in the Missouri House of Representatives. He is a supporter of the Christian religious right, and a pro-lifer. Recently this deranged man posted a video on Facebook. In the horrific video, he decapitated a chicken and cut its heart out. He announced that he would introduce a bill in Missouri which would disallow all abortions in his state.

Imagine how gross abortion is,” wrote Moon, before clarifying that he wasn’t making a comparison between unborn children and chickens “but simply [trying] to get a couple of points across to the governor.”

Some people seem to be freaking out about the chicken video… I wonder if they know what an abortion is?asked Moon, following the reactions to the footage which ranged from praise to calls for his arrest.

These are the type of mentally ill individuals who have become emboldened by Trump’s illegitimate presidency. The ‘Trump Effect’ ranges from hate crimes to vile and violent actions. Moon is a perfect example of a Trump supporter. He is missing parts of his addled brain, and denies the rights of women to control their personal health, well-being, and their future. He is another man who believes that men have the right to control the lives of America’s female population.

Is this what you want your children to see? Is this the type of man you want to represent you in government?

I sincerely hope not.

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Op-ed by James Turnage


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