Hater Steve King Once Again Misdirects the American People: ‘Obama is Responsible for the Alexandria Shooter’


Steve King, Representative from Iowa, leads the pack of deplorables in Washington. His message of hate aimed at African Americans, Muslims and others is unsurpassed.

Although Trump is the most divisive man ever to defile the White House, King naturally blames President Obama.

He is also blaming him for the shootings in Alexandria yesterday. Although he’s no longer in office, Mr. Obama remains the target of hypocritical Republicans.

“I do want to put some of this at the feet of Barack Obama,” King said on WHO Iowa radio. “He contributed mightily to dividing us. He focused on our differences rather than our things that unify us. And this is some of the fruits of that labor.”

Trump began preaching hatred, and dividing our nation’s people in June of 2015, and continues to do so today. His rallies were intended to bring out the worst in his supporters, emotions of fear and hatred. When he had them in a heightened emotional state he incited violence.

Funny, but I don’t remember President Obama ever attacking a single individual. He attempted to work with Republicans, but Mitch McConnell promised to do nothing, and he kept that promise. Trump has failed to meet with a single leader in the Democratic Party in his first five months of defiling the White House.

The people of Iowa must accept the blame for King who is not only despicable, he is one of America’s most ‘frequent liars.’

King is unaware that he is insignificant; only the people matter. President Obama had the people of our nation come out to see him in record numbers, wherever he went. When he traveled to Europe, tens-of-thousands of men, women and children filled the streets just to see him.

When Trump is out of the White House he is greeted by thousands of protesters. When he’s in the White House, he can watch thousands of protesters on television.

The shootings in Alexandria were horrific, and the shootings by a disgruntled UPS employee in San Francisco were even worse, where three innocent men lost their lives. Both men were mentally unstable, and should not have been allowed to purchase firearms. But King would say that I’m wrong in support of the gun lobby; the NRA.

The shooter in Alexandria, James Hodgkinson, was a man with a history of uncontrollable anger and domestic violence. The fact that he had focused his anger on Trump and his hypocritical party, is likely to occur again. Trump encourages hatred; this is what helped him receive his gift from the Electoral College.

A note to King, and others like him, which includes most GOP politicians; hate crimes have risen to a frightening level since November 8, 2016. This is the “Trump Effect.” Millions of Americans, like myself, will never accept him as our legitimate president. America cannot have a man or woman living in the White House who hates my country, and refuses to ‘protect and defend’ the Constitution. I will never accept a man who has sexually assaulted women as the leader of the once-respected nation which I have loved for 70 years.

Unlike King, I admired President Obama for his integrity, and his efforts to repair our nation from the devastation left by his predecessor. King and many others in his party hated him for his intellect, his popularity, and for the fact that his skin was the wrong color.

A final message for all of the other white supremacists and bigots in America. Younger Americans will control our government in 20 years when all of the old, white, failed men in congress are in their graves or at least out of office. The fact is that there is a distinct possibility that as early as 2024, the American people could elect a 35-year-old black woman, who is a member of the LGBTQ community, and a Muslim or an atheist as their president. Now that’s what I call ‘American.’

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Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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