Donald Trump’s Presidential Goals: Increase his Personal Wealth and Use your Tax Dollars to Do It

Trump (5)

From his destructive actions and failure to offer proposals which would positively affect the majority of the American people, Donald Trump has proven that he is not interested in learning how to be the President of the United States. It has become obvious that after nearly five months in office, his goal as your illegitimate president is to increase his personal wealth, and use your tax dollars to accomplish his ambition.

Donald Trump spends less time in the White House than any other president in history. Prior to his illegitimate presidency, George W. Bush held the record for the most vacation days taken by a sitting president with 533 days in eight years. In Trump’s first 100 days he spent 25 of them at Mar-a-Lago, and numerous other days golfing at one of his other resorts. At this rate, Trump will have been away from the White House for at least 300 days in his first term; (and his last).

When Trump is in the White House, he spends much of his days watching cable television; primarily FOX Noise, and podcasts by Alex Jones. He also reads Breitbart online.

Trump has continued to operate his personal businesses from the Oval Office. Most importantly, he continues to increase and mange foreign business interests which is a violation of the ’emoluments’ clause in the Constitution.

Yesterday 30 Democrats in the Senate and 166 in the House filed a lawsuit against Donald J. Trump for failing to obtain congressional approval while maintaining foreign business interests. According to the lawsuit, this “deprives the American people of assurance that their highest elected official is pursuing their best interests with undivided loyalty.”

Donald Trump spends much more time ‘taking care of Donald Trump’ than the needs of the American people. His controversial business practices constantly offered proof that he believes that he is above the law; that’s not the way it works in government.

Paul Ryan and Marco Rubio attempted to explain Trump’s many missteps on a ‘lack of experience.’ For me this simply confirms the fact that he remains unfit to defile the White House. The presidency is not available for ‘on-the-job training.’

Finally, by Trump’s refusal to reveal his tax returns we have proof that he is criminally involved in financial transactions which would require his expulsion from office.

Donny boy; pack your bags; Trump Tower is awaiting your return, and the American people are anxious to end our national nightmare.

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Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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