Why Kellyanne Conway is Passe, and why no one Will Miss Her

Conway (2)

If anyone doubts that Kellyanne Conway was hired to lie for Donald Trump, they must have been away from their televisions for a very long time. Although she received the title of Trump’s ‘campaign manager,’ she was actually paid to be his personal ‘spin doctor.’

Last week Conway’s mouth resulted in a big mistake. While attending an affair at the British Consulate, she began mocking other White House staff, Reince Priebus and Marc Short. Her remarks were quickly tweeted by some of the other party goers.

Today there was a shooting in Alexandria, Virginia. Republican lawmakers were playing baseball, when a shooter opened fire. House Majority Whip, Steve Scalise was wounded. Later in the morning the shooter was found; a firefight occurred, and he was killed.

Less than an hour after the incident began, Conway couldn’t wait to tweet a partisan attack.

Rep. Jeff Duncan says he believes he talked to shooter in Alexandria. Man asked, ‘Is this a team of republicans or democrats practicing?’”

Although Conway is aware that because of her boss’s belief in white nationalism, hate crimes have grown enormously, she is certainly aware that Trump is also the most hated man in the world. Hypocritical Republicans who support him blindly are disliked as well.

But to claim that this senseless shooting was focused entirely on one party is not only unfair, it is pure idiocy to make any claims until the facts are known. Conway simply can’t keep her mouth shut. Five individuals were wounded, but only one was a congressman.

America is tired of lies from Trump and his circle of sinners, and even more disgusted with Conway. She has been banned from several television broadcasts, and the remainder should join them. She joins others such as Newt Gingrich, Dick Cheney, and Rudy Giuliani who spread lies and hatred; offering little or no facts; and should never be heard from again.

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Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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