Southern Racism and Belief in White Supremacy Remains Strong


The South Will Rise Again.” This old slogan by southern racists has once again reached the forefront of the evil in America. With a white supremacist as America’s illegitimate president, the worst people in our nation are more brazen than ever before.

Your illegitimate president spends much of every day, when he is actually in the White House, watching cable television, watching a podcast, and reading online. His favorite venues are FOX Noise, Alex Jones’ “InfoWars,” and Breitbart. He loves fake-news, especially when it is oriented towards old, white men. Trump has the “whitest” administration in modern history, his closest advisers are avowed white nationalists; that includes Vladimir Putin.

The Southern Baptist Convention is being held in Phoenix this week. A single resolution has caused enormous contention between these ‘so-called’ Christians. The resolution was proposed by well-known Texan pastor Dwight McKissic, who just happens to be African American.

It affirmed that “there has arisen in the United States a growing menace to political order and justice that seeks to reignite social animosities, reverse improvements in race relations, divide our people, and foment hatred, classism, and ethnic cleansing.” It identified this “toxic menace” as white nationalism and the alt-right, and urged the denomination to oppose its “totalitarian impulses, xenophobic biases, and bigoted ideologies that infect the minds and actions of its violent disciples.”

All resolutions are submitted to a committee. Reverend McKissic’s resolution called on the denomination to denounce nationalism and “reject the retrograde ideologies, xenophobic biases, and racial bigotries of the so-called ‘alt-right’ that seek to subvert our government, destabilize society, and infect our political system.” It was rejected.

However, if a resolution is rejected in committee, it can be brought to the floor of the convention and all those attending are allowed to vote on the matter.

When McKissic stepped before the microphone and read his resolution to the crowd, all hell broke loose. It was immediately apparent that racists among the crowd were deeply offended.

Later in the evening, the committee agreed to reconsider the resolution, but according to rule, the matter will not receive a vote until this evening; Wednesday, June 14.

No one is allowed to call themselves ‘Christian’ and continue to be a racist. Jesus Christ would have them ‘removed from the temple.’

All prejudice is ignorant. Whether an individual is bigoted based on color of skin, religious preference, sexual inclination, or for any other reason, they are demonstrating a severe lack of intelligence.

America is the most diverse nation in the world, and that fact is growing with every passing day. Baby boomers, such as myself, are dying daily, and with each death a small segment of America’s evil past is removed from our country.

Millennials are the future, whether you like it or not. They are the largest bloc of voters in our nation. They tend to be far less bigoted, and less religious. Get used to it; you cannot resist the future.

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Op-ed by James Turnage


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