John McCain Faces the Possibility of Republican Loss in 2018


There are 435 members in the House of Representatives. Republicans have the majority with 238 seats; Democrats hold 193 with 4 vacancies related to the acceptance of other positions in state or federal government. Although Senators serve for six years, with one-third up for reelection every two years, members of the House are reelected every two years. Therefore, in November of 2018 all 435 Representatives will be seeking reelection.

John McCain is the only Republican to admit that there is a very real possibility that Democrats could retake control of the House. Although Independents and Democrats historically display apathy during midterm elections, their refusal to accept Donald Trump’s presidency and his immoral and unconstitutional actions, may change history. Although many of America’s voters ignored the fact that Republicans failed to represent 99 percent of our nation’s people for decades, Trump has openly offered support to the one-percent through executive orders, a despicable healthcare plan, tax break proposals, and an outline for an infrastructure plan which would only use 200 billion dollars for construction, while the other 800 billion would offer additional tax breaks for Trump and his fellow billionaires.

I’m very worried we’re going to lose the House of Representatives,” McCain said at a Wall Street Journal event for chief financial officers. “I don’t think that we’ve accomplished much.”

The truth is that the Trump administration has failed to achieve a single positive accomplishment in nearly five months. Talk is cheap, and Trump is as cheap as they come.

The arrogance of lyin Paul Ryan is appalling. His remarks to the press were casual, claiming that he is not worried about losing his position and the majority. Only time will tell, but I promise you that I will continue to tell you the truth, and offer all Americans; Independents, Democrats, and Republicans a reason to rid our nation of ‘Republicans in name only.’ They don’t represent you, me, or anyone I know; but of course I am not a member of the billionaire’s club.

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Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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