Ivanka Trump: Donald Trump with a Plastic Exterior

Ivanka (2)

Melania Trump does not know everything about her old husband. Only one person knows everything about Donald Trump. She was added to the White House staff to prevent him from exposing himself. She is completely aware of her father’s serial philandering, his violent temper, his proclivity for sexual assault, his minimal intellect, his unscrupulous business practices, and his deteriorating mental condition. Ivanka Trump knows it all, and is her father’s daughter inside of a plastic mold.

Like her father, Ivanka cannot be believed whenever she opens her mouth. She is a more subtle liar; refusing to sound angry when she attacks her father’s detractors, but the goal remains consistent.

Ivanka appeared on FOX Monday morning, and claimed that she was shocked at the viciousness” and “ferocity” which greeted her father’s illegitimate presidency. She also said that her father was “vindicated” by James Comey’s testimony last Thursday. Really?

First of all, did she not attend Trump’s vile rallies? Was she wearing ‘sound suppressing earphones’ when he made vicious attacks against Hillary Clinton, blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, and anyone who criticized his words and actions? Was she ‘out of the room’ when Trump incited hatred and violence from his supporters? Is she not aware that every executive order, every proposal made since his illegitimate election harms the working class, minorities, Muslims, women, and are gifts to himself and other billionaires? No one can be that stupid.

As for James Comey’s testimony, it was devastating and confirmed that not only is Donald Trump unfit to be the president, it offered proof that Trump is attempting to cover up his misdeeds and unconstitutional actions. Comey’s testimony may lead to charges of treason.

Ivanka has full knowledge of the fact that Trump bribed officials to enhance his business interests. She was fully aware that ‘Trump University’ was nothing more than a scam. She is in denial that when her mother, Ivana, and her father were engaged in a messy divorce, Donny boy brutally raped Ivana. Her mother testified about the act in a deposition which she later recanted after an unknown financial agreement. Ivanka is aware of the cruel manner in which Trump treats Melania, as reported by her friends.

Ivanka is all makeup and hair product, and is a practiced liar. She is a spoiled rich kid who has never accomplished a single thing in her life. Like her father, ‘work’ is just a four letter word.

When she discussed Trump’s ‘talking points’ for a plan to repair our infrastructure, she eliminated the fact that of the one-trillion dollars proposed, 800 million would be in the form of tax cuts for herself, her father, and the rest of the one-percent richest Americans.

The bottom line is that the Trump family is a facade. They are opportunists who have zero love for America and our nation’s people. Their goals are to increase their personal wealth, and nothing more.

One final thought; Ivanka is also fully aware of her husband’s criminal and treasonous actions involving the Russians. Jared Kushner is an arrogant, spoiled man-child who believes that he, too, is above the law.

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Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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