Donald Trump, Jeff Sessions, Joe Arpaio: Three Names which Force Bile to Rise in my Throat


White supremacy is not only the most vile belief a single man or woman can possess, it is also the greatest proof of their ignorance. Donald Trump has surrounded himself with like-minded bigots, and at the top of that list are Steve Bannon and Jeff Sessions. In years past when Trump constantly insisted that his ‘birther’ theory was a fact, he was joined by one of the most evil men in America. Joe Arpaio, the hateful sheriff from Arizona, became Trump’s closest ally. Today, it has been reported that these three despicable men will be reunited in spirit.

Yesterday I wrote an article stating the Jeff Sessions had refused to testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee on Tuesday. Later on Sunday, Sessions apparently changed his mind. He will answer questions about his relationship with Russia, and his omissions on his security application; maybe. Will he choose to take the 5th Amendment? Will he attempt to avoid the truth?

Sessions may also been subpoenaed to testify in the trial of the man who has been labeled “Donald Trump’s soulmate;” 84-year-old Joe Arpaio. Arpaio is on trial for violating an order by a federal judge and enforcing Trump-style immigration efforts. If Sessions is subpoenaed, he will testify about Trump’s intentions to remove federal funding from ‘sanctuary’ cities, with the purpose of justifying Arpaio’s immoral actions.

These are the new “Three Stooges.” Two seventy-year-old white men, and one 84-year-old white man whose lives have been focused on racism and bigotry.

Donald Trump’s illegitimate presidency has reformed America; and not in a good way. The worst of our nation; racists, bigots, and those who simply thrive on hatred have come forward. They have a leader living in the White House.

It’s your choice. You can live in a country based on hate and prejudice, or return compassion and understanding to our nation. Promise yourself now to vote in November of 2018. Remove Republicans from office, and restore democracy.

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Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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