Yes It is Fair to Label Little Marco Rubio as a Wuss


We learned during the 2016 campaign that little Marco Rubio was a puppet for the RNC. We also learned that he has a poor work ethic, and cannot speak without a teleprompter or a prepared script in his hands. We also discovered that his popularity in his home state of Florida is tenuous when he lost the state’s primary to Trump by 20 points.

Last Thursday when Rubio questioned James Comey, it was obvious to everyone that his marching orders were to defend his illegitimate president. Of course he is denying the truth; no Republican can face facts.

Rubio appeared not only to be defending his fuhrer, he appeared to be attacking Comey. Little Marco questioned Comey’s belief that Trump told him to halt the investigation of Flynn. He also questioned Mr. Comey regarding the claim that Trump asked him for a ‘loyalty oath.’ Attempting to misdirect the words of Mr. Comey, Rubio stated that Trump’s actions were not criminal, but probably a bad idea.” In fact, he suggested that Comey himself should have “explained to him why he can’t do that.” Really?

After the hearing he continued to defend his illegitimate president, using a similar approach to lyin Paul Ryan who said that Trump was not qualified to be the president.

And I think it boils down to this,” Rubio said after the hearing. “Is this the actions [sic] of someone who was putting together a plan to impede an investigation, or is this a nonpolitician, unconventional figure, who simply operates in ways that are different from previous presidents and no one has either informed him — or he’s been unwilling to be informed — about why the sort of request like the one he made would be inappropriate?”

How long will Republicans continue to make excuses for the biggest mistake in America’s history? When will their hypocrisy cease and admit that Trump is destroying democracy, ruining our nation’s reputation, and causing irreparable damage to the working class?

Lock him up and save what’s left of the America of our founding fathers.

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Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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