Trump Decides not to Visit Lady Friend Theresa May

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After the latest attacks in London, Trump’s harsh words directed at London’s Muslim Mayor, Sadiq Khan, prompted the mayor to ask Queen Elizabeth to rescind her invitation for a state visit from Donald Trump. Thursday another obstacle solved the situation. Prime Minister, Theresa May, retained her position, but her party lost seats in the election, and therefore the power May had hoped to obtain. Trump decided to postpone his trip.

Trump has accomplished nothing in nearly five months. He has no interest in diplomacy and therefore relations with other democratic nations. The reason appears to be his choice to watch television and golf instead of working. There are vacancies in the position of ambassador for multiple nations; including Great Britain. The owner of the New York Jets, Woody Johnson has reportedly been selected for the position, but Trump has failed to officially nominate him.

The acting Ambassador, Lewis Lukens, is at odds with Trump; he praised Mayor Khan for the manner in which he conducted himself after the recent attacks. Mr. Lukens is obviously a real diplomat, one of only a handful in the Trump administration.

Trump’s reason for delaying his trip is based on expected protests against the Prime Minister. Calls for her resignation have increased since her failure to win seats in Thursday’s election.

Brexit, the elections of Theresa May and Donald Trump, have forced the European Union and other members of NATO to distance themselves from the former leaders of the free world. If May had achieved her goal, Britain would have become even more isolated from its neighbors. Trump’s refusal to promise support for the mutual defense clause; article five; in the NATO meetings placed America in a lonely position leading towards isolationism. At the G7 summit, Trump also made a divisive error; he refused to sign the Paris Accord; a promise to reduce carbon emissions.

In less than five months, a new world exists; and it’s not as good or safe as the old one. A change in leaders of two formerly respected nations has re-restructured the balance of power. The new leaders of the free world are Germany and France. Russia is increasing its hold on power within its region. America and Britain have been weakened because of inept leadership, and a growing divide between their citizens.

New changes happen every day; hold on tight.

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Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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