Trump and his Supporters are the Only Americans Unconcerned with Russia’s Interference in our Election. Why?


Russia’s interference in our 2016 election was literally an ‘act of war.’ Although the military brass continue to waste money on the production of weapons which will likely remain in warehouses, Russia is perfecting its ability to ‘hack’ into any computer system. The future is here. Everything is controlled by computers.

When proof was established regarding Russia’s attempts to influence the election, almost everyone in America was outraged; except for Trump and his circle of sinners. Why?

The logical reason was that Trump’s team knew about it while it was occurring. Many of Trump’s staff had contacts with Russian agents throughout the campaign.

Comey’s testimony raised even more questions about current connections between Trump, his circle of sinners, and leaders of foreign nations including Russia. What has been his financial gain since his election? What would his tax returns reveal? Is the 26 page dossier composed by former British spy Christopher Steele fact?

One thing I would like to know is why two days after Trump fired Comey did he bow to Vladimir Putin’s request to conduct a private meeting with two high-ranking Russians; Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, and Russian Ambassador/Spy Sergey Kislyak? Did Trump receive orders to fire Comey from Putin? Did he consult with Putin before making the decision?

Comey laid the ground work for special prosecutor Robert Mueller, and likely much more. He was not able to answer all questions fully in front of the television cameras.

If Trump is an American president, he should be extremely concerned about Russia’s actions. This was an attack on one of our most precious liberties and rights. He should be the most outraged man in the nation. Instead he continues to deny the findings of our security agencies.

We are in serious trouble, my fellow Americans. We have a criminal defiling the White House, and our nation’s future is in the hands of a megalomaniac who shows multiple signs of mental illness.

Call your state’s Republican senators and congressmen and tell them to stand up for America; to stand up for you. Remember, they work for you; you do not serve them.

Please re-post; thank you.

Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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