Kellyanne is the White House Leak Trump is Complaining About

Conway (2)

Trump’s White House staff is by far the least qualified and least intelligent group of individuals to ever pretend to work in the White House. Information from the White House states that no one likes each other, and bickering among the staff is constant. Trump has constantly complained about ‘leaks’ coming from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue; he may want to take a close look at one of his first selections made before his minuscule inauguration.

Trump’s spin doctor, Kellyanne Conway was attending a posh party at the British Embassy. As she was talking to other guests, she began dissing other staff members; specifically Reince Priebus and Marc Short. Her leaked remarks were subsequently tweeted to the public.

Kellyanne was at an embassy party last night, leaking sensitive Priebus and Trump White House conversations to @washingtonpost reporters.”

Whether she was drunk, or simply boasting about her inside knowledge, she may have sealed her fate in the White House.

‘She had a good/cruel riff mocking @Reince45 in WH staff meetings. “No leaks guuuys” she said, mimicking him in a dopey voice,’ Conway was heard saying, according to the alleged insider.’

‘At one point @KellyannePolls said “Honestly, what the f*** does Marc Short do all day?”‘

Maybe he’s sitting on the couch with Trump watching cable television. Trump “leads” by example.

This is not the first time Kellyanne has leaked her feelings. After appearing on “Morning Joe,” defending Trump’s lies and misdeeds, hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski overheard her telling an aide that “she needed a shower.” Conway later denied that she was referring to her feelings about Trump.

This White House is in complete turmoil. With no experience, and a selection of individuals who clearly dislike each other, leaks are to be expected.

Oh well; it’s Trump’s problem.

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Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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