Is Donald Trump Above the Law?


Two separate Americas exist; and it’s an undeniable fact. Our justice system is an absolute mess. When the average working man commits a crime, even a small offense, he is frequently punished to the full extent of the law. He cannot afford the best attorneys, and often must accept the services of an overworked public defender. If he’s African America, the courts will attempt to find a way to incarcerate him for life if he is in possession of marijuana.

I have written many times about the reversal of this situation. More than once a wealthy man or woman has taken someone’s life, and received a virtual slap on the wrist. Take the case of Texas rich boy Ethan Couch. At 16 years of age, Couch was driving his truck while intoxicated. He mowed down four pedestrians; killing them all. He was originally sentenced to 20 years. The judge then reduced his sentence to 10 years of probation. His family was able to afford the best attorneys money could buy. Since that time he has violated his parole, but remains a free man.

Donald Trump was born into money. He is now one of America’s 585 billionaires and a member of the one-percent of wealthiest Americans. He is also the illegitimate President of the United States.

In private life, Trump has bribed public officials; violated immigration laws while operating a modeling agency without obtaining proper visas; used his own “foundation” as his personal bank account; and raped his first wife while participating in a nasty divorce. He has never been charged with any crime; he’s wealthy and has been able to buy his way out of every offense.

Every day Trump is in office, he is violating ethics laws. He continues to operate foreign businesses in 12 different nations. Now Trump’s Justice Department is defending these crimes.

The U.S. Department of Justice argued Friday that President Trump’s businesses are legally permitted to accept payments from foreign governments while he is in office, and thus Trump is not in violation of a constitutional clause barring the acceptance of emoluments.” This is a quote from the Washington Post.

Will Trump get away with his crimes? If I were a betting man, I would place my money on a dismissal of the charges.

Trump has always believed he was above the law; he’s rich and can do ‘anything he wants.’

Does anyone remember the ‘Access Hollywood’ tapes. Trump himself stated that because he was rich, he could ‘grab any women’s crotch he chose.’

Trump is the most corrupt and immoral illegitimate president in history. I am so ashamed of him that I will never refer to him in the manner I always did with President Obama. Mr. Obama deserved my respect.

America has its first ‘criminal-in-chief;’ and that in itself is a huge crime against the American people.

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Op-ed by James Turnage


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