Will the Justice Department Forgive Trump’s Ethics Violations and Support his Criminal Activities?

Trump (4)

Justice Department lawyers sought the dismissal Friday of a lawsuit alleging President Donald Trump is violating the Constitution by letting his businesses accept money from foreign governments.”

Is Trump’s presidency nothing more than “pay for play?” It is becoming more obvious with every passing day that Trump’s claim to the presidency is nothing more than a facade. He cares nothing about America; he cares about personal financial gain.

It was obvious before his inauguration. His selection of advisers and his cabinet were either close supporters, or millionaires and billionaires whose only concern was the advancement of personal causes and increased profit.

Deepak Gupta is the attorney who opposes the Justice Department’s unconstitutional request to dismiss the charges. He noted that Trump’s influence as the illegitimate president offers an unfair advantage in attracting foreign business interests. This is the basis for the ethics laws which pertain to the president.

This is about whether the president is loyal to the American people and the American people alone,” Gupta said. “There have been many presidents before him. No president has had the kind of business entanglement with foreign governments like Donald Trump.”

Most importantly, this legal action is proof that Trump has violated his oath of office and the ethics regulations imposed upon the president. He has obviously refused to divest his interests in foreign business while holding the office of the illegitimate President of the United States.

Trump believes he is above the law, and his Republican hypocritical cronies support their “criminal-in-chief.”

Trump is the worst president in American history, and the most corrupt. He represents everything which is bad about America. He is a member of the one-percent, and serves his contemporaries.

Trump ignores his supporters and those Americans who were informed about the evil which is Donald J. Trump. He is not an American, and will destroy democracy and freedom if he is allowed to remain in office.

An historic amount of attention was focused on the testimony of former FBI director James Comey yesterday. The truth is that this is another distraction from Trump’s crimes. He is a criminal, and a man who denounces the Constitution. He must be removed from office by any means possible if America is to continue.

Will 240 years be the final number, and when the dream of our founding fathers ceases to exist?

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Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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