I’ve been Fooled before, but could Ben Sasse be a Real Republican?


I have no faith in 99.99 percent of Republican politicians; and with good reason. Led by lyin Paul Ryan, and traitor Mitch McConnell, they have lost all respect from real Americans. Their hypocrisy and refusal to heed the needs and wishes of the majority of the American people is unforgivable. I miss the real Republican Party which had ideas and served their constituents. Today’s “Republicans in name only” have no principles and serve their masters; the one-percent of wealthiest Americans.

As an Independent, I would love to find a single member of the GOP who I respect. I would love to once again cast my ballot for a real Republican.

I have been fooled many times by politicians who have lied to me. When elected they ignore their promises and revert to a policy of personal fulfillment.

Ben Sasse is a Republican Senator from Nebraska. He took office in 2015. On February 28, 2016, he wrote and ‘open letter’ to Trump supporters. I will attach the complete article, but here are the first couple of paragraphs.

To my friends supporting Donald Trump:

The Trump coalition is broad and complicated, but I believe many Trump fans are well-meaning. I have spoken at length with many of you, both inside and outside Nebraska. You are rightly worried about our national direction. You ache about a crony-capitalist leadership class that is not urgent about tackling our crises. You are right to be angry.

I’m as frustrated and saddened as you are about what’s happening to our country. But I cannot support Donald Trump.

Please understand: I’m not an establishment Republican, and I will never support Hillary Clinton. I’m a movement conservative who was elected over the objections of the GOP establishment. My current answer for who I would support in a hypothetical matchup between Mr. Trump and Mrs. Clinton is: Neither of them. I sincerely hope we select one of the other GOP candidates, but if Donald Trump ends up as the GOP nominee, conservatives will need to find a third option.”

He continues to stand alone in his support of the American people vs Donald Trump. Earlier this year he published a book with the title of “The Vanishing American Adult.” He fails to mention Trump by name, but multiple descriptions appear to affirm that he is referring to our illegitimate president.

I have listened to him in several interviews, and he appears to be a true Republican. Although I do not agree with all of his ideas, he confirms my hope that true Republicans are out there and our government can be saved. He is the opposite of lyin Ryan and McConnell; he places principles first, and his party second.

Keep an eye on him for the next three years. He could be the savior of the once Grand Old Party. He is not a TEA Party obstructionist, or a Freedom Caucus extremist; at least I hope not.

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Op-ed by James Turnage

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