Democrats can Win if They Move farther to the Left and Use the Dirty Tricks Taught by Republicans


As an Independent, I noticed that both Democrats and Republicans moved farther to the right over the last 20+years. But Bernie Sanders offered a different idea; a move back towards the left, and it pleased progressives and younger Americans.

Both parties should return to their basic principles.

Republicans must reject extremism injected by the TEA Party and now the Freedom Caucus. They must move back to the center, and denounce special interests, including the Christian religious right. Real leaders must be found to replace failures such as lyin Paul Ryan, and Mitch ‘the traitor’ McConnell. Only then will it become respected and qualified to boast the title of “Grand Old Party.”

Democrats must not only talk about supporting the working class, they must act like they mean it. They must cease to accept the destructive policies of their combatants on the right side of the aisle. And they must be loud, aggressive, and unwavering. They can learn from Mitch ‘the traitor’ McConnell, and become obstructionists when any proposal offered by Republican hypocrites would harm the working class, low income Americans, families living in poverty, minorities, Muslims, the LGBTQ community, and women’s rights. We don’t want rhetoric, we want action.

Democrats must also create well-funded radio networks and a television network to get their message out.

Republicans created a propaganda network calling itself FOX Noise 20 years ago. It is also supported by right wing nut jobs on the radio, including Rush Limbaugh and most recently, Alex Jones.

Democrats must fight back; the people want a progressive agenda in Washington. Rachael Maddow was ill for about a week. When she returned to her MSNBC broadcast she crushed the ratings. Her closest competitor was a FOX broadcast which experienced 400,000 fewer viewers. The people want to hear the truth. For more than 20 years they listened to FOX’ fake-journalists lie and mislead the American people. They are at the center of our nation’s growing division.

To be truthful, and I always am, much of the credit for the current rise in MSNBC shows including Rachel Maddow, Chris Hayes, and Jake Tapper must be given to Donald Trump. His daily blunders and continual lies are exposed by these and other broadcasters. James Comey’s testimony on Thursday received an estimated 19 million viewers; who knows how many will watch Trump’s impeachment hearings.

Trump’s reckless actions have exposed the entire Republican Party. They can no longer pretend to represent the majority of the American people. They have accepted Trump and his destructive policies, and they will go down with him.

We can take our country back with the simple act of casting our ballots. Join me; we can do it together.

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Op-ed by James Turnage


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