Can Conservative Senators Halt McConnell’s Subservience to Trump?


America’s best known traitor, Mitch McConnell, is once again attempting to bow to his fuhrer and force a disastrous healthcare bill through the Senate before the 4th of July. Can conservatives succeed in defeating McConnell and therefore Trump?

Obamacare required deliberation and revision for 15 months; and it remained imperfect. Trump is attempting to ramrod a dangerous, ineffective, and murderous healthcare bill through congress in just a few months. Trump just doesn’t get it.

But that didn’t stop lyin Paul Ryan and Mitch ‘the traitor’ McConnell from their hypocritical subservience to Trump.

The battle in the Republican controlled Senate is between moderates and those who call themselves ‘conservatives’ but are actually right wing extremists.

Paul Rand an Mike Lee are reactionaries and would cut more funding from the bill. Moderates want more money for Americans who need it most in the form of Medicare funding.

I don’t think it’s insurmountable. But I think the passion’s going up on each side,” said Sen. Shelley Moore Capito (R-W.Va.), who is pushing for more robust Medicaid benefits against conservative opposition. “The heat’s definitely rising.”

Does this mean that Trumpcare will die in the Senate. If you know Republicans as well as I do, the answer is ‘no.’ GOP politicians have proven that their party is more important than the American people.

Rand Paul says that he is opposed to much of the new bill proposed by the Senate because it retains much of Obamacare.

We promised the voters that we’d repeal Obamacare,” Paul said. “Instead, we want to repeal sort of a tiny bit of it and replace it with something that looks a lot like Obamacare.”

Here’s my question, and although I believe I have at least average intelligence, I am not an expert on healthcare. The American people have spoken; they approve of Obamacare and reject Trumpcare. Why aren’t Republicans listening? Why don’t they get of their useless a**es and fix what is wrong with Obamacare? For me that is logical and doable. Is all of this merely an attempt to destroy part of President Obama’s legacy? It that’s the case, Republicans are more ignorant than I previously believed.

A note to all Independents, Democrats, and some clear-thinking Republicans; make a promise to yourself today; vote in November of 2018. All 435 seats in the House are up for reelection. If the Democratic Party is in control of the House, all power can be removed from Trump and America will be rescued from lyin Paul Ryan.

33 seats in the Senate are up for reelection. Once again, I implore you to vote Republicans out of office, and rid America of McConnell. Power to the people’s party.

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Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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