Republicans Attempts to Misdirect the American People Will Fail


Yesterday’s testimony by former FBI Director James Comey confirmed many reports from both politicians and the press. Although hypocritical Republicans are attempting to downplay the statements of Mr. Comey, two incredibly damning facts remain undeniable; Trump is a liar and he attempted to obstruct the justice process.

As expected, Trump’s personal response was in the form of a tweet: “Despite so many false statements and lies, total and complete vindication…and WOW, Comey is a leaker!”

Trump remains fearful of appearing in person before the White House Press Corps. He is afraid of the questions he would be asked.

What Trump is most angry about is that while his administration attempts to operate in secrecy, the press continues to force transparency from his corrupt government.

For those of us who follow politics closely, yesterday’s testimony by Mr. Comey offered little new information. However, for the average man or woman who occasionally looks at the events happening in Washington, the revelation of multiple facts exposing the highly questionable actions of their illegitimate president must have been shocking.

The hype involved around the Comey testimony left another important action by Republicans in the House in the shadows.

The primary reason for our nation’s near economical depression in 2008 is the banking industry. Their illegal and immoral practices forced hundreds of thousands of foreclosures across the nation. President Obama created an oversight committee to insure that the situation would never happen again. Yesterday, House Republicans voted to remove all of the regulations imposed during President Obama’s administration.

The “Financial Choice Act,” another effort to support the one-percent and harm the majority, was approved by all but one of Republicans, while every Democrat voted against the destructive bill.

“The Wrong Choice Act is a deeply misguided measure that would bring harm to consumers, investors and our whole economy,” said Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA), the highest ranking Democrat on the financial services committee, in a statement. “The bill is rotten to the core and incredibly divisive.”

If there is a definitive reason why lyin Paul Ryan and his stooges must be voted out of office in November of 2018, this is it. They are attacking the ‘American dream’ once again. The motto of all Republicans is “profit before people.”

320 million Americans are under attack from the Republican Party. If you are not a millionaire or a billionaire, you are not represented by GOP politicians.

The United States boasts of 585 billionaires. Second in the world is China with 260. Stop and think about that for one minute. Republicans want to cut taxes for their illegitimate president and 584 other billionaires. Look at this number, because you are like me and cannot comprehend that amount of wealth. One billion  is 1,000,000,000 dollars. Do they need a tax break?

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by James Turnage

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