John McCain Demonstrates Another Definitive Reason why Term Limits for Congress are a Must


Old, white men are the primary reason why our government is dysfunctional. They also offer proof why term limits must be applied to congress in the same manner they serve the nation by forbidding a president from serving more than ten consecutive years. A career in politics is not what our founding fathers intended, and those who have chosen that lifelong profession have greatly harmed the American people.

The media celebrates the “many years of service of Senators and Congressmen in Washington.” The truth is that they do more harm than good. They accumulate great power and wealth, and with those, they become arrogant and fail to serve the needs and desires of the American people.

The most egregious example is Mitch McConnell. The 75-year-old Senate Majority Leader is the greatest traitor to the American people. He serves himself and his party, and is the primary reason why Washington continues to fail the American people. But he is not alone. Senator Orin Hatch of Utah is 83. His remembrance of American life dates back to the 1970’s. He cannot possibly understand America in the 21st century.

Lindsey Graham is 61, but aligns himself with legislators 20 years his senior. He fails to accept the fact that America has moved on from segregation and bigotry.

John McCain is 80. In 2000 I supported him for the Republican Party’s presidential nomination. Sadly, unscrupulous and fallacious attacks by George W. Bush’s campaign cost him his rightful win. Today he is but an old man entering senility, and must retire to Arizona and watch the sunsets.

The perfect example of why America desperately needs younger men and women in congress is Trump. He will be 71 this month and is completely out of touch with most Americans. Our generation is dying off, and I say ‘good riddance.’

After former FBI director James Comey was questioned in the Senate today, McCain, who attended the spectacle, but did not participate, was asked why he believed Comey announced a re-investigation into Hillary Clinton’s e-mails, but never mentioned the affirmed interference by Russia. McCain’s response could only be described as ‘rambling,’ and ‘confusing.’ He appeared unable to collect his thoughts and offer coherent remarks.

Twitter went viral.

I don’t know what was up with John McCain but I’m pretty sure Hillary Clinton didn’t collude with the Russians to hack herself & elect Trump.”

John McCain- Did you know that racecar spelled backwards is racecar and I like cheese?
Comey- What was the question?”

There were many, many more.

McCain made a weak attempt to defend his incoherent answers.

Getting sense my q’s today went over ppls heads – maybe going fwd I shouldn’t stay up late watching @Dbacks games…”

So that was it; he stayed up too late. I believe he has remained in the Senate far too long.

A little information for younger Americans; primarily millennials. The age requirement to run for the House is 25. To run for the Senate, a candidate must be 30. Any American who aspires to be the president must be 35 years of age, a natural born resident, and must have lived at least 14 consecutive years in the United States.

Think about it.

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by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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