Will Fear or Intellect Win in Great Britain’s Election Today?


The candidates are current Prime Minister Theresa May, and the leader of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn in today’s election in Great Britain. However, the issues will decide the winner; whether England’s citizens will vote based on fear of increased terrorist attacks, or by using their intellect and hope for the future.

Recent terrorist attacks have caused increased concern about what type of leadership voters believe will increase safety. Others are concerned about the lasting effects of Brexit and the future of their nation’s economy and national security.

Earlier in the campaigns, May had amassed what was labeled an ‘insurmountable lead.’ Some polls now show a lead of only several points.

That’s what elections are all about, and this is a common occurrence. My opinion is that fear will win this election, and May will remain as the Prime Minister of England. Emotions all too often trump logic. But don’t listen to me; I refused to believe that the American people were ignorant enough to elect Trump.

Regardless of the outcome, the damage has been done. The European Union has moved on, and Germany and France are now the leaders of the free world. Trump’s first trip abroad removed him from any consideration as the man other nations trusted and led to mutual success. With Brexit, Great Britain removed itself from its closes allies.

Interesting days; scary days.

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By James Turnage


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