Trump’s Insensitivity to Terrorist Attacks in Iran is Unforgivable


The Terrorist Hiker
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Trump’s statement claiming for him it’s ‘America First’ is not only dangerous, it’s ignorant. He makes the same mistakes his Republican cronies claim that America is the greatest country in the world; we’re not even close. Most importantly, people are all the same, and the majority of all nations have the same needs and desires. Trump has no concern for the lives of Americans, why would he be concerned about the lives of a few Iranians who were killed by terrorists?

On Wednesday five terrorists attacked Iran’s Parliament building and a shrine dedicated the revolutionary Iran founder, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini. Seventeen people were killed, and dozens were injured. All five of the attackers were shot and killed.

Thomas Erdbrink, the New York Times’s correspondent in Tehran, reported the details: “The attacks started around 10:30 a.m., when men armed with assault rifles and suicide vests — some of them dressed as women — descended on the Parliament building, killing at least one guard and wounding and kidnapping other people. That standoff lasted until midafternoon.”

Iran is the leader of the Shiite world; ISIS claims to be Sunni, and has accepted responsibility for the attack.

Leaders from around the world offered their condolences. Newly elected French President Emmanuel Macron called Iran’s leaders and offered to work with them to prevent future loss of life. Vladimir Putin offered Russia’s support. But not Trump.

When Trump finally responded, his initial response was acceptable. “We grieve and pray for the innocent victims of the terrorist attacks in Iran, and for the Iranian people, who are going through such challenging times.”

But Trump could not resist being himself, and that’s never good. He continued with what can only be called a ‘nasty remark’ given the recent loss of life. “We underscore that states that sponsor terrorism risk falling victim to the evil they promote.”

BBC Correspondent Bahman Kalbasi tweeted a notable response.

Imagine US media & elite reax if President of #Iran had said after 9/11: U did all these bad things & had it coming.”

Are there any more doubts as to why I am ashamed that Trump lives in our nation’s White House? He is not only unfit, it is a deplorable fact that he represents the good people of my country. We are Americans; we are not like him.

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by James Turnage


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