Trump’s next Effort to Isolate the United States from the World


Trump’s first trip abroad proved to be a greater disaster than first estimated. The Saudi’s played him; they got everything they wanted and gave the American people nothing in return. ‘BeBe’ Netanyahu and Trump shared a mutual admiration society. When Trump attended the NATO meeting in Brussels, he virtually removed the United States from the organization by refusing to agree to article five; the mutual protection clause. At the G7 Summit, he alienated our allies and our enemies by refusing to sign the Paris Accord; a promise to reduce the use of carbon fuels. America has now joined Nicaragua and Syria as the only nations who refused to sign the agreement. Only Vladimir Putin praised Trump’s decision.

Today it was reported than Trump is considering leaving the United Nations Human Rights Council. This should not be a surprise. His idols are Putin, Rodrigo Duterte, and Recep Tayyip Erdogan; all dictators and violators of human rights.

Nikki Haley, Trump’s Ambassador to the United Nations, made a statement before the council.

“It’s hard to accept that this council has never considered a resolution on Venezuela, and yet it adopted five biased resolutions in March against a single country, Israel,” Haley told the 47 member states gathered in Geneva. “It is essential that this council address its chronic anti-Israel bias if it is to have any credibility.”

It needs to be noted here that the majority of U.N. members have voted in support of a separate Palestinian State.

Haley spoke sharply against allowing ‘the worst human rights abusers’ to participate on the council — calling out Venezuela, Cuba, China, Burundi and Saudi Arabia by name — and called for changes in the way members are elected, including scrapping the secret ballot system.”

Is pulling out of the council a solution? Nothing is ever accomplished by doing nothing.

“The Obama administration had a different approach — joining and sending Ambassador Eileen Donahoe to try to reform it from within.”

Donahoe said that “the idea of withdrawing so that agenda reflects what the U.S. wants is backward. It’s completely nonsensical.”

This situation typifies the difference between a real president who selected a qualified and experienced administration and an illegitimate president who knows nothing, and selected advisers who knew even less. Trump and his circle of sinners are unfit to work in Washington.

It must begin by evicting Trump from the White House; and the sooner the better for America.

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by James Turnage


Photo courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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