Paul Ryan does nothing as Jobs in Wisconsin are Leaving for Canada

Ryan (3)

What is lyin Paul Ryan doing for the American people today. Easy answer; absolutely nothing. I must assume that he believes that his seat in the House in safe in November of 2018. If that is true, his arrogance alone should impel the voters of Wisconsin to remove him from his life of privilege and luxury.

While lyin Ryan is concerned with murdering thousands of American people by passing Trumpcare and repealing Obamacare; while he is applauding Trump’s cuts in Medicaid; jobs are leaving his state for Canada.

Kenneth Olsen lives in lyin Ryan’s congressional district in Wisconsin. He is also a Trump supporter who was completely uninformed; believing that Trump was “closer to the average man.” Too bad he didn’t learn that Trump is only close to billionaires; he is unaware that ‘average men exist.’ He was born rich, and is unable to relate to the working man.

Olsen might soon learn that Trump lied to his supporters, and that lyin Ryan is not concerned about the citizens in his district, with the exception of needing their votes next year. Olsen’s $30 and hour job with GE is moving to Canada. He has been married for 42 years, and will likely lose everything. He’s too old to start over. Of course Trump and lyin Ryan are not talking about this fact. So sad.

WAKE UP AMERICA! We, the vast majority are at war with Trump and his hypocritical Republicans. We must take our country back for ourselves and for the future of our children and grandchildren. We can do it with our vote, but if that election is also rigged, we must do it in any manner available to us. We can shutdown the country and cripple our nation. We can boycott a single industry together, and one by one destroy those who have attempted to destroy us. We can invite the military to join us before Trump begins another unwinnable war; possibly nuclear.

It’s your choice; do nothing and become a slave to your own government or join the revolution. Time for choices; for me there is only one. I want my America back.

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by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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