Once Again a Story About Trump Stealing from his own Charity

Trump (5)

During the campaign we learned that the ‘Trump Foundation’ was not a charity; it was a ‘slush fund’ for Donald Trump to use for his personal needs. This in itself should have been a sufficient reason to prevent Trump’s illegitimate presidency.

Yesterday Forbes reported another theft from a Trump sponsored charity.

Every year Trump’s spawn, Eric, holds a golf tournament for charity. Information given to donors claimed that without exception, all of the money would be donated to St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. The event is held at a golf course owned by Trump. The ‘Eric Trump Foundation’ reported huge increases in costs each year.

This tournament has been held for ten years. Despite what donors were told, at least $100,000 each year was funneled back to Donald Trump for ‘costs to operate the tournament.’ In addition, all of the money did not go to St. Jude’s. Over the 10 years, at least $500,000 of the proceeds was funneled to ‘charities’ connected to the Trump family.

Under New York law, this would be a violation labeled as ‘self-dealing,’ as well as ‘misleading donors.’

This alleged theft mimics Trump’s pattern of how he conducted ‘business.’ He ensured that he never spent a dollar unnecessarily, and frequently refused to pay contractors, dish washers, waiters, and his own lawyers, resulting in multiple lawsuits.

We certainly did not need more proof that Trump takes care of himself first. He is the only priority, and as your illegitimate president, he continues his immoral practices. He has used tens of millions of taxpayer dollars to play golf, and travel to and from his millionaires only resort. His life of privilege and luxury is the priority; you and I are not.

When you think of the Trump family, see them for what they truly are; members of the one-percent who not only fail to connect with the American people, they don’t care. Trump’s care for other Trump’s.

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by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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