Eric Trump’s World of Fantasy and Privilege


Donald Trump has never wavered from his original campaign tactics. Fear, anger, and hatred have dominated his rhetoric, and now his actions as the illegitimate president. In turn, he has become the most hated man in the world. Not only has be proven himself to be a white supremacist, and suffers from Islamophobia, and sexism, his disdain for low-income and impoverished Americans prove that he is the worst president in American history. Trump’s support of dictators, and condemnation of our allies has created a lack of respect and even hatred around the world.

So when Eric Trump appeared on FOX Noise, specifically on failing Sean Hannity’s pitiful little broadcast, and defended his father, he offered proof that he lives in a world of fantasy and privilege. He is unable to understand the vast majority of the American people. His entire life has allowed him to associate with the filthy rich and kill innocent animals; this is what he knows.

Eric said that he has; never seen hatred like this” and “morals have flown out the window” when it comes to attacks against his father.

Could this be because there has never been such a deranged, immoral, and fallacious man in the White House in our nation’s history?

Eric Trump took special aim at the Democratic Party, which he says is “imploding.” He calls Democratic National Committee chairman Tom Perez “a total wackjob.” Trump says Democrats “have no message of their own” and are trying to obstruct “a great man” in his father and his family.

Too many lies in one paragraph. The Republican Party is so divided that its politicians cannot agree that black is black and white is white. The pitiful effort in the House to pass the horrific “healthcare” bill known as Trumpcare proved that lyin Ryan was more concerned with appeasing the factions within his own party than doing what is right for the American people.

Eric proved his ignorance by talking about ‘obstruction.’ For eight years that was the only policy of the Republican Party, and the reason why our government remains dysfunctional.

The Democratic Party must continue their attempts to obstruct Trump’s efforts to violate the Constitution. They must continue to support the working class as Trump attempts to cut programs assisting those who need it most; including millions of his own supporters.

As for Trump’s family, his spawn are nothing more than spoiled, rich children. They have never sacrificed or accomplished a single thing in their pathetic lives. Ivanka continues to operate offshore businesses in sweat shops to benefit herself. She is a “Stepford Wife;” an illusion, when in reality she is her father’s clone.

Trump’s entire illegitimate presidency is a plan to rape the American taxpayer and profit from his time in office; pay for play. Trump fails to represent 99 percent of America; including his staunchest of supporters.

Sorry Eric; you are a joke; and not a good one. You should keep your ‘pie hole’ shut and go spend the taxpayer’s money killing defenseless animals. Do what you do best, and leave the politics to the grown-ups.

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by James Turnage


Photo courtesy of Disney/ABC Television Group

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