A Failed Party is Running Scared

New Republican Logo

It began in 2010. Weak leadership in the Republican Party, primarily Reince Priebus, John Boehner, and Mitch McConnell, allowed the insurgents to come through the front gates. 2010 was the advent of the “TEA Party.” These extremists were inexperienced men and women whose primary concern was not better government or serving the voters who elected them, it was to enhance the fortunes of the Koch brothers and other billionaires who paid for their elections.

They promised to move the Republican Party so far to the right that there would be zero deliberation with Democrats, and compromise was out of the question. Together with Mitch McConnell, who promised that Republicans would do nothing in 2009, they broke our government.

Today we have more centrist GOP politicians who constantly battle with the TEA Party, the Freedom Caucus, and their own illegitimate president.

The GOP is a party experiencing an implosion not seen since the presidency of Harry S. Truman, and even then it was less severe than today.

When Donald Trump was gifted the presidency by the Electoral College, not only did the destruction of democracy begin, another explosive charge was placed inside of the Republican Party’s core. Lyin Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, and others have sacrificed all principle and morality to become hypocritical supporters of the worst president in American history.

As Trump continues his twitter war with the world, Republicans have additional reasons to be frightened. If he is allowed to remain in office, a great fear is spreading like an infectious disease among GOP politicians. Trump could be the impetus which returns control of congress to the Democratic Party as soon as November of next year.

When London was attacked once again last Saturday, instead of offering condolences and support to the people of London and all of Great Britain, he attacked the Mayor of London. At the same time he was attacking federal courts for refusing to reinstate his unconstitutional Muslim ban. Both instances offered additional proof of Trump’s severe mental weaknesses; primarily focused on Islamophobia in these two situations; the Mayor of London is a Muslim.

Trump is not ‘presidential.’ He fails to follow the 240 year old standard of what the leader of the United States is intended to be. He is an egomaniac whose goals are not the goals of the majority of the American people. He is self-serving, lacks compassion, and lacks the knowledge and experience to govern our nation.

Press Secretary Sean Spicer is out of the picture for now. Sorry Saturday Night Live and Melissa McCarthy; Sarah Huckabee Sanders has taken his place; at least through this week. Sanders continues to attempt a defensive posture for Trump. When the White House Press Corps asked questions about Trump’s sad and cowardly proclivity to send tweets instead of facing the American people in front of a television camera.

Social media for the president is extremely important,” Sanders said. “It gives him the ability to speak directly to the people without the bias of the media filtering those types of communication.”

In clear English, Trump tweets to avoid answering questions from a press corps whose intellectual level far exceeds his own.

Yes, the GOP is scared; and they should be. If they support Trump, their lives of luxury and privilege are in great jeopardy. All 435 seats in the House are available in 2018, and 33 Senators will seek reelection. We can help them retire by electing Independents, (hopefully), and Democrats a year from November.

Become an activist; become a revolutionary. It’s good for your soul, and necessary for our democracy. Power to the people.

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by James Turnage


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