Definitive Proof that Republicans are the Party of the Past

Middle School

Baby boomers are the Republican Party’s ‘base.’ Born in 1946, I am an original baby boomer, but I have never registered as a Republican. Until the 2000 election, I was an Independent. I remain an Independent, although since 2000 I have become more aligned with the progressives in the Democratic Party.

None of that is important. What is important is that the future belongs to younger Americans. In 2018, thousands of millennials will be old enough to run for the House. In 2020 some will be able to campaign for the Senate. In 2024, a man or woman who is considered a millennial today would be qualified to seek the presidency.

Our government is dysfunctional, and the primary reason is demonstrated best by Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell, Orin Hatch, John McCain, and other old white men. Their proposals are intended to move our nation backwards; they have little ‘future’ ahead of them.

We need younger Americans who want to serve the American people, not rule them. We must have clear thinking men and women who understand why our government is broken today, and that the only way to repair it is for the American people to elect forward thinking men and women. And to maintain that youthful approach, term limits must become a reality. No individual should seek a “career” in Washington.

Jordan McCray-Robinson from South Orange Middle School was one of nearly 100 students who recently refused to participate in a photo-op with House Speaker Paul Ryan in May. Since that occasion, the students have received idiotic and unwarranted criticism from uncaring Republicans. The young man is fighting back in an Op-ed piece.

“On Sunday, May 28, in Mr. Ryan’s Instagram comment section, my peers and I were criticized about our reasoning behind not taking the picture. We were called ‘losers,’ ‘stupid’ and ‘brats.’ One man wrote, ‘How did those 8th graders get so brainwashed to understand the politics of today and decide who is villain. I suggest this is the work of the teachers … useful idiots that they are.'”

Mr. McCray-Robinson fought back and the truth will hurt Republicans and Republican supporters.

“I am here to tell the nation that although we’re only in the 8th grade, we have our own thoughts and opinions … I decided I didn’t want to take a picture with someone who doesn’t have my best interests in mind. Mr. Ryan and the administration want to cut health care for 23 million people. Am I one of those U.S citizens that will be affected?”

He also interviewed other students for his Op-ed. They spoke of multiple issues which are not only unsupported by Republicans, they are opposed to them.

Fellow student Livvy Krakower, who refused to be in the photo and identifies as LGBTQ+, told McCray-Robinson, “I think it’s more than just a picture, If I was in the picture I would feel like a hypocrite due to the fact of his anti LGBTQ+ rules, as a member of the community I felt like I would be betraying myself.”

All of the students said that they did not support the Trump administration’s policies.

Here’s what Lyin Ryan and his cronies are missing. Some of these very students will reach voting age by the election in 2020. They surely have older friends; brothers and sisters who will be able to vote in 2018. They are the future, and the GOP ignores them.

If you’re not an old, white man, and a Republican, you care about the future of our nation and the future of our planet. You support 21st century America, and that means the environment, the LGBTQ community, women’s rights, and a path to legal residence for your Hispanic friends. You tend to shun all religions, but support the rights of all Americans to practice the faith of their own choice. You are not a Republican.

Young people like McCray-Robinson give me hope for the generations who will follow me. It is the old white men who now control Congress and the presidency who are ‘stupid,’ and lack the vision represented by this middle school class.

Pack your bags, lyin Ryan; your time in Washington is nearing its expiration date.

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by James Turnage


Photo courtesy of US Embassy Canada

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