Another Effort by Trump to Hide his Tax Returns


Ignored, thanks to all the interest regarding the Trump/Russian connection, is the fact the Trump continues to refuse to offer his tax returns to the American people. This remains the most important issue in any discussion about the legitimacy of Trump’s president. There is little doubt that information contained in those returns would immediately force Trump’s eviction from the White House. His foreign business interests alone are very likely in violation of United States law.

There is certainly other information which will expose his connections with Russian oligarchs. There is ample proof that he has been helping them launder their fortunes through the purchase of American real estate since 2005.

A statement from the White House claims that Trump filed an extension for his 2016 returns. That will prevent a release of those returns until October, should he ever attempt to prove that he is not a criminal. However, his past returns are available.

Presidents began offering the information contained in their tax returns since the Richard Nixon administration. By not following history, Trump is proving to the American people that he has much to hide.

Sixty percent of Americans believe that Trump cannot be trusted. His approval rating continues to fall into the 30 percentile rating, while his disapproval rating is climbing near 60 percent. I wonder why?

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by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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