Steve King: Racism: Bigotry: And the Trump Effect


By his own words, Steve King is the most racist Congressman in America. He is another white supremacist who represents the people of Iowa. The most ‘evangelical’ state in the union refuses to accept the teachings of Jesus Christ; love, compassion, understanding tolerance, and forgiveness.

King represents Iowa’s fourth district. Democrat Kim Weaver was challenging King for his seat, but she has withdrawn. The Trump Effect strikes again.

Fear, anger, and violence fueled the Trump campaign. Many of his supporters are a ‘basket of deplorables’ who thrive on his vile rhetoric. Ms. Weaver has reason to fear for her personal safety. Since the beginning of her campaign she has received threats of violence and murder, and recent events at my home” have increased her level of fear.

While some may say enduring threats are just a part of running for office, my personal safety has increasingly become a concern,” Weaver said.

This is sad for the state of Iowa, and sad for America. If this situation is acceptable, and the new political system for the United States, fascism has already arrived, and it is ‘carrying a cross, and wearing the flag.’

Ms. Weaver urged her party to continue its fight to unseat King, who is not only racist, he is anti-immigrant, and refuses to accept the Constitution as the law of the land.

Finally on Saturday night Ms. Weaver posted the following statement on Facebook.

Over the last several weeks, I have been evaluating personal circumstances along with the political climate regarding this campaign. After much deliberation, I have determined that the best decision for me is to withdraw my candidacy for the US House race in Iowa’s 4th Congressional District.”

Is it fair to criticize the people of an entire state for supporting Trump and his anti-American beliefs? Let’s look at the facts. King was originally elected in 2003, and reelected six more times. He is the worst of our nation, but Iowa continues to support him. So I suppose the answer to my question is ‘yes.’

Republicans are notorious for supporting criminals and degenerates for public office. They refuse to vet the candidates and choose the most qualified individual. Their only prerequisite is that the candidate has an “R” next to his or her name.

Want more proof? Joni Ernst who votes against every bill supporting women, is a religious extremist, and a supporter of Trump is a Senator from Iowa. There cannot be a god in heaven, but if there is He or She should ‘smite’ the people of Iowa.

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by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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