Reza Aslan is not Wrong: Trump is a “Piece of S**t”


When Trump called for the courts to reinstate his ban on Muslims from six nations Saturday, anger and disgust spread across the country. CNN reporter Reza Aslan could not hold back his rage any longer. He tweeted exactly what he thought of our illegitimate and unconstitutional president.

This piece of shit is not just an embarrassment to America and a stain on the presidency. He’s an embarrassment to humankind.”

Mr. Aslan was born in Iran, and likely spoke for Muslims all over the world.

Trump is begging for attacks against our nation by spreading hatred and vilifying an entire religion. He just doesn’t get it and he never will. Those who harbor prejudice will never understand the facts and recognize the truth.

Religions are responsible for more violence and deaths than any other cause in history. The truth is that Christians and Muslims are the most war-like religions in the world. However, the difference today is that Trump and those who support him recognize the fact that not all Christians are evil. The KKK, the Ayrian Brotherhood, and other home grown terrorist groups do not represent all of the men and women who practice Christianity. However, they refuse to recognize the same fact about the men and women who practice the religion of Islam.

Extremists within the Muslim community follow the same practice of radical Christians; they twist and misquote the words of the Quran to fit their own extremist beliefs.

By contending that all Muslims are terrorists Trump is encouraging young Muslim men to join ISIS, Al Qaeda, and other terrorist organizations to fight with groups they believe support their religion. They may be misguided, but they see nothing from Trump, Theresa May and others who place all Muslims into a single ideology.

The war on terrorism will never be won with guns, tanks, bombs, or guided missiles. For every terrorist killed, two take their place to avenge their brothers and sisters. Only by working with the leaders of the Muslim community can the recruiting of young Muslims be stopped.

A final question. Why hasn’t Trump included Muslims from Turkey and Saudi Arabia on his list? Is it because he has business interests in those nations? If any nation’s Muslims should be banned from entering the United States, it is those from Saudi Arabia which produces more terrorists than any other nation. 15 of the 19 men who attacked our country on September 11, 2001 were Saudi Nationals.

Trump is an opportunistic hypocrite.

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by James Turnage


Photo courtesy of roanokecollege

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