Rebuking Ivanka Trump is Justified

Ivanka (2)

The Trump family was born with ‘silver spoons in their mouths.’ They have accomplished nothing in their lives; everything has been given to them. Their list of sacrifices for others is blank.

Donald Jr. and Eric enjoy hunting elephants in Africa, while others with privileged lives work to bring food, water, and medicine to the people of the world’s poorest continent. Ivanka has a clothing line manufactured away from our nation’s shores. The workers who make her shoes in China receive one-dollar an hour for their labor; often working 60 hours each week with no overtime pay.

CNN recently published a story titled, “Ivanka Trump: America’s Most Powerful Jewish Woman.” This caused outrage from thousands of Americans who presented examples of many women who have actually accomplished something and are far more deserving of recognition. Twitter was overloaded.

Calling Ivanka the most powerful Jewish woman in America is nuts and erases women’s actual accomplishments.

Please RT if u think my wife (who’s Jewish) &delivered meds, wheelchairs, microscopes& mosquito nets to Kenya is more powerful than Ivanka.”

Jewish women more powerful than Ivanka:
1) Sheryl Sandberg
2) Ruth Bader Ginsberg
3) my mom, who has an extremely high rating on TripAdvisor.”

If only Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Elena Kagan, and Janet Yellen had their own line of lavender sheath dresses.”

There were many, many more.

Ivanka Trump is a facade. Under the ‘New Your socialite appearance’ is another Donald Trump. She is greedy; lacks compassion; and is unable to relate to the working woman in America. While she has never worked a day in her life, many women, some of the Jewish, work two and three jobs to feed and clothe their families. If you are fooled by her expensive clothes, make-up, and hair care, you are in denial. She has knowledge of all of her father’s sins. He is a serial philanderer, a sexual predator, and an immoral businessman. Ivanka is not concerned and continues to support him.

Without morals or principles men and women are less than cockroaches. They do not deserve our respect, and certainly not undeserved awards.


by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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