“Preserve, Protect, and Defend the Constitution of the United States”

Protests (2)

These are the most important words in the oath of office taken by an incoming President of the United States. I have taken, and given a similar oath of office many times. These words; “to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States of America” have enormous meaning. If you don’t believe in them, you must not take that oath. Donald Trump has spit on the Constitution many times, and continues to do so every day.

I pray that the hypocritical and obstructionist Republican Party will not prevent the truth from rising to the light of day. There is no doubt in my mind or in the minds of clear thinking Americans and the people of the world that Trump committed treason during his campaign. In addition, he has committed criminal actions through the laundering of money for Russian oligarchs.

Trump supporters are committing perjury as they are making desperate efforts to hide the truth from the American people. Lyin Paul Ryan, Mitch ‘the traitor’ McConnell, Devin Nunes, John Cornyn, and others are using fascist tactics in their attempts to protect their illegitimate president.

When Trump returned from his first, and hopefully last, trip abroad, he became not only the most hated man in America, he became the most hated man in the free world. In just nine days he changed the political structure of the world. No longer is the American president considered the leader of the free world. That title now belongs to Emmanuel Macron, the young and impressive President of France. Together with the leader of the European Union, Angela Merkel, there is a new power structure around the world. The United States and Great Britain are on the outside looking in. Theresa May, England’s Prime Minister, has joined Donald Trump in a policy of isolationism, and they are beginning to see the error in their thinking. Her denouncement of all Muslims has resulted in several attacks by radicals since her rise to power. Like Trump, she just doesn’t ‘get it.’

Trump is the most arrogant man I have ever witnessed. He will never admit that he has made a mistake. He will soon realize that not only do the citizens of our nation distrust him, the world joins in accord with the American people.

Trump’s attacks on the first, fourth, and fourteenth amendments of the Constitution are unforgivable. If he fails to ‘preserve, protect, and defend’ all of the Constitution, these are sufficient reasons to remove him from the White House.

Trump’s close ties with Vladimir Putin are no longer questioned. He is the first illegitimate president elected by ignorant voters who is not a real American.

Today protesters were in Washington and cities across the nation once again. The events were called “The March for Truth.” They were demanding that Congress conduct an inclusive investigation into Trump and his circle of sinners’ treasonous actions during the campaign.

We gotta keep up the fight, that’s all there is to it,” said Jon Lovett, a former President Obama speechwriter and popular podcast host, who spoke at the D.C. rally.

Multiple chants were shouted by the crowds in D.C., Chicago, Pittsburgh, New York and others, all referencing Trump’s continual lies to the American people. They were exercising their first amendment rights, a right Trump would prefer to revoke.

Make no mistake about it, the American people are at war with our illegitimate government. Refuse to deny that the Trump administration, in concert with a hypocritical and cowardly Republican House and Senate, is attempting to create a plutocracy supported by fascism.

If you love your country it’s time to reject complacency. Stand up. I am directing the bulk of my challenge to millennials and women who have the most to lose every day Trump continues to defile the White House.

Run for office; protest incessantly; demand the truth; and most of all get the vote out in November of 2018. Even if Trump is removed from office prior to the midterm elections, we must remove the filth which is the Republican Party from power. Lyin Ryan, McConnell and the others refuse to represent the majority and must be sent into exile.

If you love the United States of America; please re-post; thank you.


by James Turnage


Image courtesy of Fibonacci Blue

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