Greg Gianforte Created Another Problem for Lyin Paul Ryan, and Added to the Truth about the ‘Trump Effect’

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Every day dozens of hate crimes go unreported to the authorities, and unreported by the television “news.” That’s why when Republican candidate Greg Gianforte body slammed Guardian reporter Ben Jacobs to the ground and pummeled him the day before Montana’s special election, it was big news; for a day. Most of the votes had already been cast during early voting and mail-in. Gianforte won the election.

Gianforte is a billionaire Republican, and like Donald Trump is obviously prone to fits of rage.

Violence has become the norm thanks to the illegitimate presidency of Trump. During his vile rallies he constantly preached hate and violence. Evil in America, which once hid in the shadows, is now committing its horrific actions in the daylight. As your illegitimate president, Trump continues to speak of the darker side of life. He has never once spoken of a bright future for the American people; he talks only about what is ‘wrong’ with our once respected nation.

Gianforte cannot be refused his seat in the House according to law, but he will be forced to face an investigation from the House Ethics Committee.

If any of you believe that Paul Ryan will suggest that Gianforte be punished for his assault of another human being, don’t hold your breath. Lyin Paul Ryan will place his hypocritical and cowardly party ahead of doing the right thing.

Several journalistic organizations whose focus is freedom of the press, sent a letter to Trump; good luck there as well.

This week, we filed a formal complaint with the Office of Congressional Ethics (“OCE”) asking it to investigate newly-elected Montana Rep. Gregory Gianforte’s physical assault against The Guardian’s Ben Jacobs. We fear that the rhetoric employed during your campaign and by the White House—such as referring to the press as the “enemy of the people” and the “opposition party”—is increasingly being translated into aggressive action by public officials against journalists.”

Trump has repeatedly denounced the press, calling legitimate news services ‘fake news,’ while supporting actual fake news agencies including FOX Noise, Breitbart, and extremist radio broadcasters such as Alex Jones, Rush Limbaugh, and others.

My fellow Americans, it’s your time. What kind of America do you want to live in? What kind of America do you want for your children; your grandchildren? Trump’s America is dark and has no future. Hatred and violence is replacing compassion and understanding. The seas are rising, and with Trump’s plans to destroy the EPA, the air will become polluted, the water undrinkable, and the soil will be useless for the growth of fruits and vegetables.

More cowardly bullies such as Gianforte will emerge as our leaders in Washington. More mentally unstable individuals like Gianforte and Trump will be in the House and Senate; able to pass laws detrimental to our nation’s future.

Vote; become an activist; take your country back and restore democracy in America.

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by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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