Since January 20, Trump’s Approval Rating has been in Decline

King Trump

Trump has made history many times since his election; sadly none of it is good for America or the world; and none of it is good for him personally. One needs not review every horrific action he has taken, by looking at how his approval rating has diminished and his disapproval rating has climbed since his inauguration to understand his historically poor performance.

Beginning on January 21st, his disapproval rate increased and his approval rate declined. Today, the culmination of several polls averages his approval at 39.9 percent, and disapproval at 54.2 percent. Historically bad for a president in office less than five months.

To be honest, most of this is by Trump’s own choice. He continues to pander to his supporters while ignoring the vast majority of the American people. Although he passed Trumpcare in the House, he knew it would fail in the Senate. The effort was merely an attempt to appease his ignorant base. Trumpcare is the worst rash effort ever made by a legislative body. His budget proposes cuts to multiple agencies which provide social services for those who most need them, including ‘Meals on Wheels’ which provides healthy food for the elderly and disabled.

Trump has yet to meet with a single Democrat, and has refused to allow government agencies to release information when requested. He is the most partisan president in modern history. Trump considers America his kingdom; he chooses to rule, not to serve.

Hopefully, the destruction wrought by Donald Trump will serve as a lesson to the American people. Voting is not just selecting a name; candidates must be fully vetted. We must know who we are voting for not from his or her words, and not from the misleading television networks. The American voting public must become independent and denounce political parties. No single party offers all of the best candidates.

Finally, we must vote on the issues and not campaign promises. Not once during the campaign did Trump tell his supporters how he would accomplish his promises; because he had no ideas; no solutions.

Today less than 40 percent of the American people believe in their president. Even fewer trust Donald Trump. 60 percent of the American people believe that he is dishonest.

There is little doubt that the Trump administration will be remembered as the most corrupt in American history. It most definitely will be remembered as the greatest failure to the American people of all time.


by James Turnage


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