Donald Trump Renews his Support of Torture


During his campaign Trump announced his support of Dick Cheney by stating that he approved of torture to obtain information from suspected terrorists. He once again displayed his extreme lack of knowledge about anything. Psychiatrists have claimed for decades that torture simply forces the victim to say whatever the perpetrator wants him to say to end the pain. But Trump won’t hear the facts; whatever he believes is always the right answer.

The Trump administration is taking actions which can only be labeled as ‘erasing history.’ Republicans are attempting to ‘bury’ a 2014 report on torture.

Senator Richard Burr (R-North Carolina) told Reuters that his staff is retrieving the copies from executive branch agencies, and willenact the necessary measures to protect the sensitive sources and methods contained within the report.”

Republicans don’t want you to know the truth; that’s what I’m here for. They want you to believe that your government always acts in a moral and intelligent manner. That is far from the truth. For most Americans; those who work for a living; their government is not doing what’s best for them. Our current government is controlled by Republicans, and they support the one percent.

Under Dick Cheney, America lost all credibility as being a nation which refuses to commit crimes against humanity. Trump is not intelligent enough to understand that torture does not provide its intent.

But telling you the truth will do nothing to change Trump’s little mind. He supports hatred and violence. Every speech Trump made at his rallies was dark and dismal. He continues this today. He fails to talk about positive action as he makes false and harmful claims about our allies, our press, President Obama, and Hillary Clinton. He will forever be known as the most destructive and divisive president of all time. “Trump the Liar” is wrong for America and a danger to the world. He is making our nation weaker by telling lies which divide us. He is endangering the future or the world in two ways; moving countries closer to nuclear war, and the destruction of the planet by ignoring climate change.

Trumpenstein” can be removed from office in multiple ways. We should take whatever action is the quickest. It will take years to repair the damage he has already caused.

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by James Turnage


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