Trump’s Close Wall Street Ties Increase the Size of the Swamp

Trump (3)

Many of Trump’s closest advisers, including his cabinet, previously worked on Wall Street. Others are heavily invested in the Stock Market. Trump promised to ‘drain the swamp,’ but that ‘promise’ was simply another lie. Thanks to his selection of billionaires and millionaires for his circle of sinners, the swamp has grown proportionately.

President Obama was forced to face a near depression when he took office in 2009. Wall Street’s immoral banking policies were the core of America’s financial crisis. None of them have ever been punished. However, the President did establish an agency to oversee future banking practices. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau was created, and headed by Elizabeth Warren. Now ‘Senator Warren,’ she continues her battle with the greedy men and women who control our nation’s financial future.

Trump is seriously considering the elimination of the CFPB. He is once again demonstrating his support for himself and his cronies who compose the one-percent.

Here are a couple of Trump’s circle of sinners who are perfect examples of Trump’s lack of concern for the millions of Americans who are not invested in Wall Street.

Steven Mnuchin is the Secretary of the Treasury. He is a former Wall Street banker who made much of his fortune thanks to the largest number of foreclosures in American history. He is now in control of your money.

Wilbur Ross is the Secretary of Commerce and a billionaire who heavily invests in Wall Street. His focus has been on ‘distressed assets.’ Ross also headed the ‘Bank of Cyprus,’ an institution controlled by Vladimir Putin. Ross’ bank has been accused of laundering money for Russian oligarchs.

Then of course there is Steve Bannon; Trump’s senior White House adviser. After making a fortune on Wall Street, he became the chief executive of the ultra right wing hate publication ‘Breitbart’ after the death of its founder, Andrew Breitbart. He is an avowed white supremacist, and hates just about anyone else who is not male, white, Christian, and very rich.

Bannon owes his “success” to billionaire Robert Mercer who is Breitbart’s largest supporter, and made his fortune in the Tech Industry.

Trump owes his presidency not only to Vladimir Putin, many of his circle of sinners, who used Wall Street to enhance their fortunes, are part of his team because they donated heavily to his campaign.

It is redundant to call Trump a liar. It would be unique to hear him tell the truth. His swamp is so large, he is creating a cesspool right along side it.

Trump’s real middle name begins with a “C,” not a “J;” it is ‘Corrupt.’


by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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