With Trump Gone Can America Survive Pence, McConnell, and Lyin Paul Ryan?

Pence (3)

If you are like me, a true patriot who loves the country of our founding fathers, and rejects the fascist and destructive actions of Donald Trump, you know that he will never survive his first year in office. That’s not enough to return democracy to our government. The Republican Party bowed to Trump’s unconstitutional demands and failed the American people, and will continue to be the party of the one-percent. With Trump gone, America must face a Mike Pence presidency, and we will continue to be burdened with the traitorous actions of Mitch McConnell, and lyin Paul Ryan.

Pence is a religious fanatic who has stated previously that he places his religion before the United States of America. We will have a president who openly opposes the first amendment. When he takes the oath of office, he will be committing perjury.

For four months and eleven long days America has suffered from what many of us predicted; and worse. We have an illegitimate president who does not believe in America. He is destroying everything which made our country a respected member of the world’s developed nations. All of this has been done to support the true meaning of his silly baseball caps; “make America white again.” A nation suffering from prejudice, and growing hate crimes will never be ‘great.’

For eight years, four months, and eleven days Mitch McConnell has been a traitor to the American people. He has placed his party first, denied the needs and wishes of those who elected him, and rejected his oath of office. He is another old, white, racist who must be part of our dark past. We cannot allow him to remain in office. Together with Pence, they could be a greater danger to the majority of the American people than Trump.

Lyin Paul Ryan has become the least respected politician in Washington. This man fooled the American people for years, but when Trump was gifted the Electoral College, he revealed himself. Although lyin Ryan denounced Trump during the campaign based on the fact that he was unfit to lead our nation, he is now the world’s biggest hypocrite. When Trump demands anything, including actions which would harm 320 million Americans, lyin Ryan shouts: “Sieg Heil mine Fuhrer.”

We, the people can send a strong message to Pence, McConnell, and other Republicans in name only. We can vote all Republican members out of office in November of 2018; especially lyin Paul Ryan. Giving back the House to Independents and Democrats and reverse some of the damage done by Trump and his circle of sinners is in our control.


by James Turnage

Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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