If Trump Fails to Sign the Paris Agreement, He Will Forever be Known as the Anti-Environmental President


First Trump selected Scott Pruitt to head the Environmental Protection Agency; the very agency he sought to destroy as the Attorney General of Oklahoma. And the hypocritical and cowardly Republican controlled Senate confirmed him. Trump has consistently claimed the “climate change is a hoax, created by the Chinese.”

Like Pruitt, Trump is in the heavily lined pockets of the petroleum industry, and has signed executive orders which will greatly harm our nation’s natural beauty. But why should Trump care? His fat derriere is happy sitting on a couch and watching cable news.

We will learn very soon if Trump will sign the ‘Paris Agreement.’ If he does not, he will add the United States to a very small list of those who refuse to sign the document; Nicaragua, and Syria.

So what is the ‘Paris Agreement?’ Simply put it is a pledge signed in 2015, and implemented in 2016, to make a serious effort to reduce fossil fuel pollution; it is not binding, it is merely a promise to seriously address the realities of climate change.

So for what reason will Trump refuse to sign the agreement? His own circle of sinners are on opposite sides. Steve Bannon and Pruitt are opposed; Ivanka and Rex Tillerson approve. Naturally traitor Mitch McConnell is leading a small group of Republicans who also oppose the pledge. Trump listens to no one, and he is convinced that although he is part of a very small minority, he denies that climate change is caused by man.

It was just announced about 3:40 on Thursday afternoon, as I was writing this that major corporations once again have been supported by the Republican Party. The biggest polluters will continue to make bloated profits at the expense of the human race and the natural beauty of America. Trump is pulling the United States out of the Paris Agreement. This is a travesty of enormous proportions, and once again displays the fact that America is no longer a world leader, or a follower. Under Trump we have become isolationist, and we cannot exist without allies. We are becoming more prone to self-destruction with every day Trump is allowed to watch television in the White House.

The one-percent is receiving gifts from Trump and his circle of sinners every day. Truth be told, Trump is gifting himself. He is not an American president.

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by James Turnage

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