Trump’s Strangest Tweet Yet has Gone Viral


Whether you choose to believe that Trump was ‘sending a secret code,’ that it was just a typo, that he was sleep walking, or that it was a ‘brain fart,’ one of Trump’s latest tweets was illegible, and thought provoking.

With his little thumbs he typed: “Despite the negative press covfefe.”

Yep; that’s it.

I personally believe that it’s another example of Trump’s deteriorating mental state. But others tweeted alternate possibilities.

Maybe Covfefe is Trump’s safeword and he’s finally telling us he’s had enough.”

When you want to say ‘coverage’ but your hands are too small to hit all the letters on your keyboard.”

We are desperately hoping #covfefe is not a code to launch the nukes. If it is, it’s been fun. Later.”

I think covfefe is the Orb’s name.”

And finally: “At this point we’re so far down the rabbit hole that Donald Trump is a parody of Alec Baldwin. #Covfefe.”

Trump’s Director of Communications resigned. Trump refuses to ‘run by’ comments he plans to make via twitter with his communications department. This makes for an impossible situation.

Ronald Reagan was given the label of the ‘great communicator;’ what shall we call Trump?


by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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