Trump is America’s Greatest Threat to National Security, and Its Biggest Leak


The American people know that it is Trump himself who is the greatest danger to national security. While bragging to Russians in a secret meeting in the Oval Office, he handed them top secret information given to us by the Israelis about ISIS. When talking to Philippine dictator Rodrigo Duterte on the phone, secret information about two nuclear submarines off of the coast of North Korea was casually given to a man bent on genocide. Trump constantly claims about ‘leaks from the White House,’ but he is the biggest problem of all.

Now there is a growing concern about his use of a private wireless phone. He continues to use a consumer grade smart phone which could prove to be an enormous security problem. He has asked leaders of nations he supports; Russian, Turkey, the Philippines, possibly Kim Jong-un, and others to call him on that phone and not use the White House network.

Does anyone remember how he constantly ranted about Hillary’s use of a private e-mail server? Maybe the American people should be chanting “lock him up” whenever Trump is in their presence.

Trump was given a secure phone when he moved into the White House, but he rarely uses it. Security experts are certain that his android is not protected against phishing or malware.

What we know from looking at public information about disclosure of vulnerabilities and exploits on hardware and software is that Android devices have a very high volume of vulnerabilities. There’s a high level of exploitability of an Android phone,” says Sam Kassoumeh, chief operations officer at the security intelligence firm SecurityScorecard.

Trump will tell you that he ‘has the right to use his own phone.’ He fails to understand the severity of his babbling without thinking or his use of a non-secure device when discussing secret information.

Is Trump becoming even more senile? Are his questionable mental faculties in decline? Reports from the White House would indicate that the answer is ‘yes.’ His temper tantrums have increased, and his inability to focus has become less sufficient to understand what he is reading or listening to.

I believe that every American should demand that Trump undergo an extensive psychiatric evaluation. For nearly 23 months many experts have claimed that Trump is ‘not normal.’ Shouldn’t the American people know if their illegitimate president is mentally deficient?


by James Turnage


Photo courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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