DeVos’ Intelligent Quotient must be Tested: Another poor Choice by Donny Boy


There is only a single reason why Betsy DeVos was given the post of Secretary of Education. Without any level of experience at any level of our educational system, she was given a job which is paramount to our nation’s future; DeVos has her own agenda, and it’s not to increase our nation’s test scores in reading, math, or science.

DeVos was given her position because of millions of dollars in campaign contributions to Republican politicians. She is a Christian religious extremist whose goal is to eliminate the public school system, and replace it with ‘school vouchers.’ She would like to see all children from all races and religions be forced to attend Christian private schools, which are notorious for their poor choices of curriculum. They give their students a narrow view of the world they will share in the future.

DeVos is a billionaire whose first excursion into a public school was as the Secretary of Education. “Teachers, students and parents at a Connecticut high school are fighting back Tuesday after Education Secretary Betsy DeVos criticized the school as an ‘adult daycare.’”

“Betsy DeVos messed with the wrong district,” Annie Irvine, president of the East Hartford Education Association, a teacher’s union, said at a rally outside the high school Tuesday morning, according to the Hartford Courant. In a statement last week, Irvine called DeVos’ recent remarks “demoralizing.”

DeVos’ remarks were made at a budget hearing conducted by the House Appropriations Committee.

DeVos’ prejudicial remarks about this school and others is not only inappropriate, they are erroneous. Recent examinations of our overall public education system reveal that a ‘Success for All’ program has resulted in an increase from 16 to 60 percent of all children reading at or above their grade level overall. Another study claims that the numbers are higher rising from 60 percent to 98 percent. Math proficiency has increased 300 percent.

It is a fact that by attending a quality public school our children are better prepared for adulthood and controlling their own futures. The diversity experienced in the public school system is more realistic and offers information and education not available in books.

One of the women DeVos chose to assist her has written positions by a white supremacist. It is not a stretch to believe that DeVos herself shares a belief in white, Christian, nationalism.

This rich, old, white woman should not represent the majority of our nation’s children. She has no understanding regarding the struggles of millions of American families whose efforts are focused not only on adequate food and shelter, but also on a good education to assist them in becoming productive American citizens.

Another disastrous choice by Donny boy.


by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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