America’s President is no Longer the Leader of the Free World


America’s President is no Longer the Leader of the Free World

The most important development from Trump’s catastrophic trip is a change in ‘world order.’ Trump’s actions and words have dismissed the idea that the American president is the ‘leader of the free world.’

Additionally, the aftermath of the G7 Summit proves that Great Britain is no longer the leader of the European community. ‘Brexit,’ and the isolationist policies of Prime Minister, Theresa May, have changed the dynamics of world political power.

Many now believe that German Chancellor Angela Merkel is now the leader of the free world. Others claim that she is now the leader of Europe, and the newly elected President of France, Emmanuel Macron, is the new leader of the free world. Regardless, Trump is not respected or trusted by most of our closest allies.

Trump’s greatest failure was refusing to pledge a commitment to article five of the NATO Alliance. It states that if any member of NATO is attacked, all of NATO is under attack. His second biggest mistake was to refuse to sign the ‘Paris Agreement’ at the G7 Summit. The agreement is a commitment to reduce carbon emissions, the greatest cause of climate change. If he continues his refusal to sign the Paris Agreement, America will join Nicaragua and Syria as the only nations not adding their signatures.

His most ignored mistake is signing an arms deal with Saudi Arabia. The royal family is engaged in a virtual civil war, and is approaching a conflict with Iran. The concern for an enormous loss of human life has been expressed by countries around the world, and many members of our own congress.

In a speech after the G7 Summit, Chancellor Merkel spoke about the changes in the power structure of the free world. She said that Europe must stand on its own; unable to trust either Great Britain or the United States.

Sadly, Trump’s minimal intellect, and lack of experience allow him to believe that the leaders of European and Asian nations are ignorant. Like well-informed men and women in our own nation, they were fearful of the presidency of an unqualified bully who is immoral, and bigoted.

Just imagine for a moment, if you were Angela Merkel. She worked closely with President Obama, a great diplomat, and found common ground which would positively affect their nation’s people. Now she must confront an arrogant Trump who lacks diplomatic skills, and continues to believe that he can bully everyone to accept his misguided and deplorable personal beliefs.

I am very happy to be writing about politics and not be directly involved in our nation’s government which is in steep decline.

One last, but very important thought. Vladimir Putin’s biggest ambition is to separate the United States from it closest allies. Thanks to his ‘asset,’ Donald Trump, he is achieving that goal.


By James Turnage


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