Why Trump’s Election is Different for Me


Because I am a true patriot, in my 70 years I have been able to accept that my candidate lost an election; hoped for the best; and believed that the future would be acceptable if not great. This is different.

In my lifetime the American people have never elected a man with no morals, no experience, no knowledge, and denies the rights of most Americans under the Constitution. I have absolutely no respect for him, his family, or his supporters. His “Stepford” children have been raised in an environment of privilege, and have no relationship to the tens of million Americans who actually work for a living. His supporters are all failed politicians, and a ‘basket of deplorables.’ I cannot accept the results of the election, and never will for the remainder of my life on this earth.

The American people had two choices. One was given a free pass by the media for 20 months, although the facts prove that he is a white supremacist, a bigot, and a sexual predator. He chose as his running mate a man whose religious extremism denies the Constitutional rights of the LGBT community, and believes in conversion therapy.

The other candidate was a woman who spent her entire adult life serving the American people. The media continued to offer fallacious allegations making her appear un-trustworthy. This, combined with the documented interference of Russian President Vladimir Putin, and the obvious efforts of FBI Director James Comey, gifted Trump with the presidency he does not deserve and is not capable of completing the performance of his duties for the American people.

The bottom line is that Trump does not qualify as an American by my standards. His only intentions are to advance his personal ambitions and satisfy his hero, Vladimir Putin. Trump is a traitor. If I accepted him as my president, I would be allowing a man who hates the America of our founding fathers to become the leader of the free world. Trump is not a leader; he is an opportunist. He will not serve the majority, and his weak temperament will not only end our nation’s existence, he may end the existence of life on our planet.

All day long I have had friends e-mail me saying that we must unite and work towards the future. For me, this will never happen. I will never accept an immoral and disreputable man as my president.

I am not a man who is easy to anger, and even less likely to hate or accuse. But this election has proven that America is more racist than President Obama believed. White voters supported Trump’s belief in white supremacy, and that women serve a single purpose. I am embarrassed to be a citizen of what once was a respected nation, and is now the most disgusting nation on the earth.

With Republicans now in control of all three branches of government, the fascist ideology of Donald Trump will control the future of our nation; and that future is dark and dismal for the majority.

Revolution is the only alternative. Patriotic Americans cannot accept a Trump presidency. It is time for the people to take our country back. Trump must be driven from office by any and all means.

America has no future under a Trump presidency.


By James Turnage

Follow me on twitter; @jamesturnagenov

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