No one Likes Trump, and Few want to Work for Him

Trump Illness

If you are older than 35, and have had two or more jobs, you have likely had one or more bosses who were impossible to please. You suffered with a boss who was quick to lose his or her temper, and often ‘changed the rules.’

Imagine working in the most stressful place in the world; the White House. Now imagine that the man who is your boss is Donald Trump, and his ego and extremely weak temperament create an environment which is unstable and stressful.

During Trump’s first 100 days, several of the White House staff resigned, and others refused to accept positions offered to them.

Mike Dubke has resigned as the White House communications director. Trump has attempted to lay the blame for James Comey’s investigation squarely on the shoulders of Dubke, and Sean Spicer. We know that Trump has never done anything wrong in his life, so it’s always the fault of someone else. Sadly for the American people, the truth is that Trump has never done anything ‘right’ in his entire life, and is now failing the people of United States of America.

Dubke joined Trump’s staff in mid February after Trump’s first communications director, Jason Miller resigned. He worked closely with Spicer, and it is reported that Trump, Jared Kushner, and others were displeased with his work.

Imagine this: you are expected to please an old, ill-tempered man who is not qualified to be the President of the United States. His closest adviser is a 36-year-old rich, spoiled child who has no experience in government and has never worked a day in his life. Add to that the knowledge that the man you serve has committed egregious ethics violations, and served the President of Russia, not the American people. Would you want to stay in your position?

Trump has indicated that there will be a ‘shake-up’ within the White House. Who will stay, and who will go? We know that it won’t be Kushner or his spawn, Ivanka. Every one else is expendable.


by James Turnage


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