The Greatest Division in America is between the Brainwashed and Free Thinking Americans


Donald Trump’s election by the Electoral College is proof that the American people are overall a nation which lacks basic intelligence. The right wing claims that intellectuals are opposed to their ideal of America; and that may be true. Intelligent humans seek the truth, and Republicans hate the truth. The facts are that most Americans support the brilliance of our founding fathers who anticipated the evil of politicians whose ambitions would deny the rights and needs of the American people.

Today some brainwashed Americans actually believe that Trump will be a good president. The truth is that no man or woman who believes in white supremacy, xenophobia, sexism, or homophobia is qualified to be the President of the United States. Any American who supports the Constitution will never accept a Trump presidency. We have the right to revolt. The American people compose our nation; our government is required to serve the people; we are not a fascist organization; yet. Our leaders are obligated to serve the American people. Our leaders serve at the pleasure of the electorate, and Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by a huge margin.

Donald Trump’s supporters have accomplished what many nations have chanted for years; “death to America.” Trump’s selections as his closest advisers prove that his plans to divide our nation even further are in place. Trump is creating a race war not seen since the Civil War; he is Strom Thurmond on steroids. A white supremacist is living in the White House, but the American people are not required to accept this fact. As long as the Constitution continues to exist, we, the people, are the government.

If you doubt that the state governments of the south remain racist, you are uninformed. Trump appointed Jeff Sessions, Republican Senator from Alabama, as our nation’s Attorney General. Sessions is a modern day Strom Thurmond, Jessie Helms, and Trent Lott rolled into one. He was rejected in 1986 for a federal judgeship, and must be rejected now. These men denounced the Constitution claiming that blacks were inferior to whites, and actually won elections with this premise as the core of their campaigns.

Fortunately, I was raised in the western part of the United States, and remain there. I never understood racism and bigotry. I failed to understand why the middle and south of our nation believe that they are superior to men and women of color, or fear homosexuals. Am I ignorant, or are many of our nation’s people brainwashed by years of unwarranted prejudice passed down from generation to generation?

Whatever the reason, our nation is divided, and will remain so as long as Trump is in power. His election by the Electoral College is proof that the majority have lost all power in our nation. We are no longer a democracy; we are an oligarchy; soon to be a plutocracy.

True patriots must rebel as long as our government allows Trump to remain in office. He and his cronies are representative of all that is wrong with our nation.


By James Turnage

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